Man Fashion Tips: 6 Good Reasons To Wear Blazer in Fall

People often wonder why men in blazers look so much more attractive and that the ladies tend to notice the ones in these smart suits more too. Here are the reasons why you should pick up your blazer more often now.

Reason number one is that blazers make anyone look masculine. Pretty much always the world's most manly men are in some sort of blazer. The reason people care about clothes in the first place is to attract other people and hence, blazers are a very good reason to be worn.

The second reason to get yourself a blazer whenever you hit out is that blazers are versatile wardrobe pieces appropriate for a variety of occasions. Whether you are attending a wedding, an office meeting, out on a date or even to a funeral, wearing a blazer can never go wrong. They are an easy pick that is bound to make you stand out in any event for the right reasons.

The third reason is that blazers help to hide all those body parts you don't want to show. A formfitting blazer can create a completely new profile for your body so whether it is love handles, flabby forearms or a spare tire, a blazer can straighten out your silhouette.

Another reason to throw on a blazer is that this piece of clothing is one of the few items in a man's wardrobe that can work with anything from a tie to a T-shirt. The possibilities with blazers are endless. But of course, knowing how to match it well gives in extra points.

The advantage of wearing a blazer is that it does not limits you to one certain weather to wear it. Of course, wearing a blazer is not so desirable during a hot weather but it is efficiently beneficial when it comes to a colder weather. A blazer can keep you warm while keeping you looking good. Better to replace your big bulky unattractive jackets for a smart looking blazer.

Blazers are an excellent wardrobe piece to bring around during traveling. You can wear the same item with so many other pieces and blazers make it is easy to dress for a variety of occasions with just a few additional articles of clothing. This simplifies your packing for traveling and in the mean time, still maintains you looking good.

A good blazer will improve your profile, but it is still up to yourself to achieve the perfect body shape. Good luck.

Man Fashion Tips: Hip Nightly Rituals that Improve Your Appearance

Our daily lives are filled with work, stress and activities that are bound to cause a strain on our complexion. To present a better version of yourself, start picking up nightly habits so you can be sure to look your absolute best.

Spend some time at night before you hit the sack to tweeze unwanted hair on your face. Getting rid of unwanted hair between your eyebrows, taming bushy brows and plucking unruly nose or ear hairs are all jobs better tackled at night, especially if you have sensitive skin. This is because tweezing can lead to redness and performing this grooming operation at night means that any irritation that develops has eight hours to subside, so your face would not have any awkward red spots.


Lips get hard and chapped during harsh weathers. Lip balm may help soften the lips but you can begin to nurture natural soft lips while you sleep. Begin by exfoliating your lips when you brush your teeth. Simply run your toothbrush lightly back and forth across your upper and lower lips a few times. This is to get rid of any dry, flaky skin and only takes mere seconds. Apply a softening lip balm after brushing your teeth and you will wake up in the morning with kissable nice lips.

It is important to take note of what we consume because what we eat or drink reflects on our skin. Drinking caffeine in the form of coffee, energy drinks or soda, or consuming more than a couple of alcoholic beverages in the evening will keep you awake. However, drinking all these will cause you to lose out on restorative sleep time. They are also dehydrating which increases the appearance of wrinkles because they dry out your skin. Switch to decaf tea if you crave a hot drink or plain old ice water for a cold one instead before sleeping for younger-looking skin.

Make it a habit to do some gentle stretching before bed as it will lengthen your muscles and within a few weeks, you will have a leaner, more toned appearance and being more agile. Moreover, light stretching will help you relax and make sleeping better. You will appear more relaxed in the morning without having to attend any yoga classes to reap these benefits.

There are plenty of other excellent nightly rituals that will help improve your appearance. Make them an essential habit every night to gain the best version of you.

Aisha stylist opens online pop-up shop with a cool do

Just when one had started wondering what happened to celebrity stylist Pernia Qureshi post her Aisha stint, she came back into our lives with a pop-up shop.
Not very actively involved with Bollywood, as many famous stylists are, the young Delhiite has shown she's not stopped popping up with oomphy ideas.
Calling her website the "first true fashion platform" (PerniaPopUp- promotes the pop-up shopping experience - a first for the country), Pernia hosted the who's who of the fashion frat at the website's launch.

The country's best fashion and accessory designers have started retailing through the website; it also offers a host of services from the stylist to complete the shopping experience.
Accompanied by her mother Nasreen Qureshi, Pernia, in a lilac dress from her own label and nude Louboutins, played perfect host to the party hosted at her residence in the Chattarpur Farms.

Designers Namrata Joshipura, Kallol Datta, Nikhil Mehra (with wife and Aesha cast member Vidushi) and Rohit Gandhi, besides the winsome Gayatri Reddy, owner of Deccan Chargers, were among many others who attended the soiree to support their stylist friend.
Ditching her usual jeans-and-tee style, Gayatri looked stunning in her colour-blocked maxi dress. Pernia, the perfect hostess, had the last word: "As India is rising, so are the aspirations of young people who want to look better and dress better." Well said, Pernia. News Source:

Nasty Gal April 2012 Lookbook

If you're a true fashion enthusiast who isn't afraid to experiment with edgy, free-spirited, vintage-vibe fashion items, Nasty Gal is the perfect option for you. Check out the new April lookbook and find out if you've got the personality to go along with the label's fabulous fashion-forward pieces

Give your look a total makeover and transform yourself into the coolest girl in the room with the help of Nasty Gal. The label aims to fulfill the fashion needs of fashion oriented women who are not afraid to mix and match vintage-vibe, rock'n'roll chic ensembles that pack a little bit of an edge but without loosing their down-to-earth style. A quick peak at Nasty Gal's April 2012 lookbook is all it takes to fall in love with the free-spirited looking outfits that have the power to make heads turn without being too outrageous.

The brand has a unique wild-side to it that is exuded by each and every detail, whether vintage or new, whether with a more girly or rock-chick attitude, so if you're looking to underline your fab iconic style, the label is definitely worth all of your attention. The goal of Nasty Gal is to enable girls to develop their own unique style that is perfectly balanced, not too flashy or fashiony, but filled with great taste. For this the label gathers the hottest vintage ensembles as well as up-and-coming-designer creations that catch their eye and that you won't be able to find anywhere else.

The April 2012 lookbook brings into attention an array of styles from rock chic to hippie chic and romantic styles with a bit of an edge, styles underlined through slayer muscle tees, leather shorts, lace strap boots, knits, cutoff shorts, stylish mini dresses as well as fab chiffon shirts. Shorts look amazing and they are featured in an array of styles from vintage to retro and edgy chic featuring a cool corset detailing that is featured in the front and back.

The collection places a heavy accent of vivacious hues such as purple, neon green, red and royal blue but brings warm and nude tones center-stage as well, as these hues are super popular and go perfectly with the new season color trends. From monochrome items to pretty prints including floral and tie-dyes, the collection features all the coolest elements, so browse through the designs and pick the items that suit your personality best, items that will give you a cool, iconic look!

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Man Fahsion Tips: 5 Simple Tips to Protect Your Leather Goods

Everyone loves to own an occasional leather item. However, leather garments are bound to cost a whole lot. Hence it is advantaging to know how to care for them.

When cleaning your leather items, always choose a product that helps preserve the leather's natural lubricating oils rather than strip them away. Avoid cleaners that leave any sort of grease or residue as it can make leather vulnerable to bacteria which will tarnish the leather and eventually break down the stitching. It is best to test out the cleaner on a less visible area before you start to clean the full surface of your leather good. Pay attention not to use heat to dry leather and always stuff the garment while it is being dried to maintain its original shape.
Leather needs conditioning and the oils found in conditioners help lubricate leather and replenish its elasticity. However, beware of products that contain petroleum or mineral oils as they will damage your leather goods over time. Do more conditioning if your leather item is exposed to hot sunny conditions or moisture. Similar to cleaning products, avoid conditioners that leave greasy residues.

Polish your leather item with a fine polishing agent for a clean and glossy finish. However be careful when polishing as some products contain coloring agents that might stain your item's natural color. Bear in mind that using animal fats might darken leather.

It is best to protect every new leather item before using it. Unprotected leather will stiffen and crack rather quickly. Protect your leather item against moisture such as rain, snow, sweat and other liquid hazards. Always remember to apply your protector on clean dry leather periodically and beware of the protector that might fill the leather's pores with grease. Tana Style 16 Protective Spray is a good recommendation for product protection.

Bear in mind that leather goods are best stored in cool, dry places and should never be stored in plastic bags or other nonporous containers. Always stuff empty leather handbags with newspaper to maintain the shape and avoid using metal hangers when hanging leather jackets or pants.
The best way to efficiently learn about your new leather item's care techniques is to ask the store manager or salesperson for specific instructions. Several grades of leather require more specialized maintenance and hence should be cleaned and maintained professionally.

Celebrity style guide: Summer trends of Bollywood

Mercury’s rising and so are the hemlines of their dresses - here's a look at some of our favourite celebs in short dresses.

Photos of Boolywood Celebrity Summer Trend...

Deepika set the trend by wearing this shorts to a party in March, while Neha and Sarah Jane Dias slipped into shorts and t-shirts during the promotional event for their upcoming flick.

Amy Jackson went in for a short top showing off her midriff and even shorter shorts during the Sunburn Festival.

Anushka Sharma who feels that being sexy is a state of mind was spotted wearing shorts to a recent event.

Sarah Jane Dias strikes a pose near the pool during the promotional event of their upcoming flick.

Neha Sharma promoting her upcoming movie.

Deepika Padukone wore a white coat, blue top and blue denim - did you see that chic pendent? Deepika is one celeb who knows how to carry anything she wears with style.

Zarine and Shahzan wore glittery short dresses to the screening of Housefull 2.

Jiah Khan was spotted wearing this to the Housefull screening.

Vaishali Desai dresses up for a photoshoot.

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Meredith Wendell Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

Shop this season's hottest and coolest accessories! Check out the latest Meredith Wendell spring/summer 2012 collection featuring sneaker materials like grosgrain canvas mixed with metallic leather, fat shoestrings, and neon, and add instant attitude to your sunshine looks!

Welcome to the world of outstanding accessories! Brighten up your sunshine ensembles with a vividly-colored handbag or a cool, eye-catching belt. Check out the newest Meredith Wendell spring/summer 2012 collection and stock up on some of the hottest goodies ever. Add a spectacular, fab touch to your looks choosing among the wide range of gorgeous handcrafted designs. Chapel Beach Club in Sea Bright, NJ, was the location where the lookbook was shoot and we must admit that it made us dreaming of fun, sunny days on the beach. "Our shoot inspiration is always a bit resort-ish," designer Meredith German says.

Nail this season's bright trend investing in a notice-me-now handbag! The collection features an array of super-stylish and practical bags from jellyfishbowl duffels, canvas mullet totes and slouchy satchels to different styles of large and small drawstrings, patchwork boxy bags, and curvy strap beach totes. Amp up your closet with one of these unique creations!

The warm season has officially begun! Therefore, it is time to start having fun with your styling and rock head-turning ensembles. If you are looking for inspiration and you're still on the hunt for the perfect sunshine stunners, just take a sneak peek at the latest Meredith Wendell spring/summer 2012 collection packed full with cool accessories. "Spring 2012 was inspired by super-sporty '80's elements: sneaker materials like grosgrain canvas mixed with metallic leather, fat shoestrings, and neon," Meredith German says.

Add instant attitude to your combos picking a super-cheerful bag, a chic braided belt or an attention-grabbing piece of jewelry such as a leopard necklace or a backbone bracelet! Be brave this season, play dress up putting together and daring to-die-for combinations! And Meredith Wendell's line delivers a riot of killer accessories for you to gorgeously finish your looks! Let's get ready to stand out this summer and amp up our wardrobes with colorful conversation starters. Deck your accessory drawer in all-things-cheerful! Have a nosey at the newest Meredith Wendell goods and start planning your holiday!

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