Man Fashion: Large Mens Clothing Trends

Nowadays, there are various fashion stores in the cities that exclusively deal with plus size clothing. Tall and big men no longer return to their homes frustrated and empty-handed after a shopping spree. Plus size men no longer have to wear short pants that expose their ankles or shirts that cannot be tucked in. They also do not have to put up with those embracing moments when their shirts could not be buttoned.

Moreover, plus size and tall men had to part away with a few more dollars to buy their clothing from the few specialty stores. Their clothes were rare and thus categorized as ‘special’. This gave such stores the right to unscrupulously demand for more money. In fact some shops required plus size and tall men to book and order clothes before visiting the stores. Thanks to the plethora of large mens clothing, today they are available at affordable prices. Tall and big men can now comfortable shop for clothes within their budget limits.

Men have aggressively embraced fashion to attain an identity in recent years that clearly defines their sense of style. They want to uplift their confidence and emanate an appealing image which contributes to emulation of a positive career and personality impact. Back in the days fashion trends were reserved to average sized men. However, today there is a wide variety of large men’s clothing in different colors, style and seasonal trends. In fact they have hit the market with a boom.

Furthermore, you can get large men clothing in large quantities from online websites. In fact to increase the scope of their customers most online shops offer shipping and volume discounts on top of single item discounts. In short, any plus size and tall man should not be continue wearing clothes that do not perfectly fit when well-fitting affordable clothes can easily be accessed.

Man Fashion: Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011 Final Round Up Part II

Continue from our previous post, here is our second review, Raf Simon's as well as Jean Paul Gaultier's mens fashion design in the recent Paris Fashion Week.

Raf Simons

The snazzy appeal of what we have yet to see was captured by Raf Simons on his SS 2011 Collection. A play of zippers, strings and waist bands is a refreshing take on the usual black and white canvas that is ultimately Spring and Summer in itself. Flowy pants and touch of orange, pastel green and a couple of yellowand black prints make for a sophisticated balance for the laid-back aura that the collection embodies.

Solid white and black vests and jackets are also a part of the ensemble. Skinny white shorts make for a casual street appeal that does not scream attention, yet commands simple amusement. Latex has played a relative part on some pieces, putting form and reaffirming the masculinity to the soft fabrics and asymmetrical, bold cuts.

Jean Paul Gaultier

Color, intricate prints and 3-D glasses helped Jean-Paul Gaultier with his collection this year. Once again, he has broken down the usual sights and pushed the edges of the Spring/Summer collection. Jean-Paul Gaultier did not disappoint with his futuristic prints on soft fabric and black and white base. Suits are well-defined with stripes and prints that spell ingenuity and intelligence. Blues and browns strengthen the already bold cuts, while white on black prints eases up the ensemble.

Peep-toed string sandals on jumpsuit and shorts,  beret and silver necklaces, denim and knits, and some hard-looking street-smart leather and latex affairs give the collection a bit of everything you may want for whatever adventures you may have this Summer.

Man Fashion: Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011 Round Up

What else can all of us be excited about in this summer but the Paris Fashion Week? With the long line of models and enthusiasts, the Paris Fashion Week – Spring/Summer 2011 Collection has caught my eyes and those of many others looking for a different take on things. Let walk through our favorite men fashion designers in this Paris Fashion Week.

 Yohji Yamamoto - Y3

Another collection which has caught my attention is that of Yohji Yamamoto’s. Straight cut suits from intricate floral prints may not be so much of a breakthrough for Spring/Summer collection, but landscape and geometrical prints on suits, shorts and shoes are enough to make me take a closer look. Paired with neutral shades of gray, black and blue, they make up a statement made for the runway.

Flat-top hats and knee-length cropped soft pants remind me of Alice’s mad hatter, taking me to another place as other pieces bring me to another time. Shorts and knee-length socks, ruffled tops and buckles on shoes make the collection a wearable one, contrastingly allowing the runway into the streets.