5 Ways for Men to Dress Slimmer

Larger guys can easily give the impression of being much thinner than they are, simply by wearing certain clothes.

And the Jacamo large mens clothing range has plenty of items to choose from that will result in a genuinely slimming effect.

  Here are 5 tips to help you choose the right Jacamo plus size mens clothing.

1.       Stripes

There is a golden rule with wearing stripes... Horizontal: No. Vertical: Yes.

Vertical stripes will make your silhouette look longer and slimmer.

Horizontal stripes, however, will have the opposite effect and make anyone look larger than they are...

2.       Jackets

A single-breasted jacket will make you look far slimmer than a double-breasted one; this is because people’s eyes will automatically focus on the centre point.

Also, try to avoid jackets or blazers that are double-vented as this will draw unnecessary attention to your bottom!

3.       Sizes

NEVER try and squeeze into a size that is too small!

Wearing clothing that is overly tight will look terrible and you will feel very self-conscious.

4.       Belts

Belts are a very important accessory!

You should always wear one as it will hold your waistline and ensure that your trousers hang correctly!

5.       Colours

Wearing contrasting colours will immediately draw attention to the joins between your clothes, i.e. your stomach... 

Stick to shades that are more similar to one another.

How to Wear Mens Trainers....Properly!

At one time, mens trainers would only be worn in the gym, but not anymore. Everyone is fully aware of how

comfortable this type of footwear is and trainers are now seen wherever we go. But of course, it isn’t just

about comfort... if you are going to wear a pair of trainers, then you will want them to look good as well. Here

are a few bits of advice to help you to get it right and to avoid an unpleasant run-in with the Fashion Police...

Classics are Good!

Classic mens trainers will go with just about any type of clothing, so they are always a very safe choice.

A basic, single-coloured design, such as the Converse lace-up, will look great with oodles of different

garments; right from jeans or Chinos to pressed or tailor-made trousers.

Watch Out For ‘Hybrids’!!!

In sci-fi movies, alien/human hybrids should normally be avoided at all costs. They are ugly, horrid and intent

on taking us all over! Well, it is pretty much the same situation in the world of footwear; except perhaps, that

hybrid trainers are not normally intent on world domination...

Seriously though, clunky genetically modified cross-bred mens trainers really aren’t cool. In fact, they will

often look downright geeky. It is advisable to completely avoid this type of footwear.

‘(Don’t) Sock it to me Baby!’

Visible Socks + Mens Trainers = Uber Bad Move. If you do need to wear socks with your trainers, then invest in a pair of low-cut ones. This will mean that your feet will remain comfortable and sweat-free without causing any insult to the more ‘style conscious’.

After all, some of us have principles...

‘Roll Up! Roll Up!’

If (and only if) you can wear your mens trainers without any offensive socks on show, then you will be able to

take your image a step further (excuse the pun)...

Try donning a pair of cropped trousers (or rolling up the bottoms of your jeans) to draw greater attention to

your trendy pumps! By creating a hem that reveals a small amount of ankle, you will give a tailored silhouette

to your trainers, making them stand out (sorry, another pun) even more!

Shelling Out on the Wrong Clothes...

In the world of stylish footwear, there is only one other crime that is equally heinous to having visible socks...

and this is wearing your mens trainers with a shell-suit. You may find it amusing to think of someone dressed

in this manner, but it really isn’t a laughing matter. Shell-suits were the thing to wear with a pair of trainers at

one time (as unbelievable as this may seem), but thankfully we have now moved on.

If you are ever unfortunate enough to have a brush with anyone wearing this ridiculous type of outfit, then it

can have a genuinely detrimental effect on your day. So always choose your clothes wisely and try to have a

little respect for other people!

Man Fashion: Trendy Mens Winter Coats Report

There’s just something about cold weather and a well-made coat that makes a man look sexy. We are sure you know the reason why  the right coat gives a man bulk – which makes him look powerful on a subconscious level.

We never write about winter coat in the past, not that we can recall. But we do receive some e-mails on this and we thoughts is best we share some of our thoughts with our readers here. As with all fashion, however, there are Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to winter coat fashions, we will not going to touch on this as we believe there are some bloggers given a very good advices. But our rule of thumb is go for true and natural, but there are men who can get away with something out of the ordinary.

Today we’re going to take a look at our 3 favorite styles of mens winter coats.

Classic Navy Pea Coat / Reefer Jacket

This is our favorite, started from Europe, or to be precise, European sailors and this are very well received in both Europe and US now. You can find them with affordable price range. Most fashion designers have their series of pea coats. We still stick to Armani, which make a lovely nice cut with superior material.

Beside, wool, you might find similar designs with leather or suede. In our opinion, we have seen all kinds of men wear pea coats on the street, but we yet to see any silly on anyone. Businessmen or students, this jacket really goes well with any style from jeans to dress slacks, boots to oxfords.

Go for what color? the best colors choices are black, navy and charcoal. But you can go for red if you really find this match you well. :)

Traditional Sheepskin / Shearling

We are sure some of you might have one of this. Very common in US. We find them look good on everyone, be it student or yuppies. They usually come in natural or chocolate, and both look fantastic, especially when they come to the mid-thigh.

The only drawback, this shearling jacket is really warm, and so we suggest you only wear this when it's really cold weather out there.

Leather Bomber Jacket

WOW!! another favorite, we're sure Tom Cruise in Top Gun had some influence on our fashion sense, do you agree? Originally created for pilots, which eventually became part of popular culture and apparel. These always come in several styles, such as A-1, G-1 and G-2. If you ask us, we always find G-2 is the smarter choice!

They come in a variety of colors, but what our recommendation? Yes, black or very dark brown. Try to avoid a bomber that has too much elastic at the waist and arms. I think they look best without, as you can recalled from Top Gun movie. But we think the elastic probably serves some purpose for a true pilot but we are talking about fashion here, so this elastic will only minus point rather than add fashion sense to us.

So that’s our winter coat advice. In short, we always find most mens winter coats look goods on you as long as they are simple and of good quality material.