Man Fashion: Rolex's Submariner

There are many luxury watch brands on the market today, take a look at the likes of Blancpain, F.P Journe and Franck Muller for some of the highest quality timepieces available.

One of the most famous names on the planet that most people recognize is Rolex. Many would question, however, that these would be the best watches to buy for your money.

But I am more interested to the Rolex's unique timepiece, Rolex Oyster Perpertual Submariner.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date Watch. 40mm stainless steel case, 18K yellow gold black time lapse bezel, black dial, and stainless steel and 18K yellow gold Oyster Fliplock Bracelet. Water resistant to 1000 feet.

* Genuine Italian 31 Jewel Automatic Movement
* Smooth sweeping second hand, like the real thing
* Genuine scratch resistant, sapphire crystal
* Certified waterproof
* Large stainless steel threaded screws on band

* Solid end links on the band, not hollow
* Perfectly fitted, hand made polished solid links
* Genuine Luminox -glow in the dark markers
* Genuine laser etched dials and fonts
* Genuine 2.5x magnification on date wheel
* One piece screw down crown
* True 440 grade stainless steel
* Green Hologram on sticker on back
* Only opened with Rolex tool
* Serial number at lug at 6 o'clock
* Fully detailed back clasp markings and band

So what is your opinion on this design?

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Man Fashion: Unique Slipper for Summer

It has launched last year, and that's right, this beach footwear comes without any cover. No straps, no heels, no laces. Your naked feet is fully visible (and susceptible) to the elements.

In fact, it will feel like walking barefooted, only in this case, the floor sticks to your feet. This uncovered and unconventional slipper is made of a soft molded rubber that promises to cling to your feet even while you are chasing after a bus.

The secret is the rounded slot that fits snugly into your toe cleavage. And that's it. It's the only connection that stops you and your beach footwear from flying off your feet.

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Man Fashion: Gucci 8 Limited Edition Beijing Olympic Designs

As we know, the Olympics are being held in Beijing this year. Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini created a line called 8-8-2008. Her eight (totally over-the-top) souvenir items were designed to celebrate this year's events.

Of course, the one that caught my eye was the "China red" cruiser ($3420)! Besides that, the line includes a $3150 Mahjong set, a panda bear stuffed animal, dog tag necklace, two pieces of luggage, a red wrist banded digital watch (the brand's first digital timepiece) , and red suede sneakers for both her and him.

Huang Xiaoming is also the first Asian model for Gucci. He's looking pretty good in the ads, too! But if I had a choice, I'd definitely choose the bike over him.

I did some research and the number "8" means prosperity in Chinese. These items are only sold in Gucci stores in China and Hong Kong.

Man Fashion: Summer Stripes Fashion

Just as summer finally hots up, man fashion stores are already filling up with wintry clothes - it's hardly ready-to-wear. The month of July and August is always the Bermuda Triangle of clothes shopping, when the fashion- hungry have to use their wardrobe like a store cupboard - to be stocked up with woollen goodies which aren't quite ready for wearing.

Everyone knows that new clothes have to be worn right now, not next month, and although a few die-hard fashion followers might be prepared to sweat out the rest of the summer in Prada's cashmere cape or Balenciaga's double- breasted suit, most of us would rather keep cool in the more literal sense of the word.

Yet, by August, there's an understandable reluctance to splash out on a summer trend that might very well look stale before the month is out. So forget CK and Gucci - only a few trends are going to make it to the end of the summer season, and right up there in the lead is stripes.

The stripe may be the insignia of this particular summer, but there are a handful of designers who always step in line, particularly, man fashion designers such as Paul Smith and Jean Paul Gaultier as stalwart supporters who have made them a signature for their labels.

Both Smith's English Eccentric version of multicoloured vertical stripes and Gaultier's traditional navy-and-white Breton pattern are having their time in the sun. They chose their trademarks well, because stripes, more than polka dots or houndstooth check, are a classic. That's why they don't suffer for appearing late in the season. In their simplest form, stripes can cast off any designer reference to Fifties beachwear or Sixties Op Art, and only seem clean and modern.

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Man Fashion: Moisture Wicking Fashion For Man

Moisture wicking menswear isn't only for elite athletes or those in extremely hot climates. So here is how it's work and what it can do for your workout, office or hobby comfort.

Why Moisture Wicking?

According to a recent Cotton Incorporated survey, cotton blends with moisture wicking properties are on the rise pretty much across the board with major brands like Russell, Everlast, Champion and others leading the way.

It doesn't really matter if you're a hardcore gym enthusiast, weekend warrior on the golf course, or outdoors enthusiast in Arizona to see why people are prepared to pay a few bucks more. If you have experienced the unpleasant feeling of a sloppy old T-shirt soaked to the point where it clings to you all over, you know why moisture wicking clothes is a nice idea.

The use isn't restricted to sports contexts either, as many moisture wicking technologies has made their way into the professional and business casual categories as well. Premium shirts now come with the option of invisible, extra protection against unsightly wet armpits -- one monkey off your back next time you're called on to make a big presentation at work.

There's even moisture wicking underwear for further comfort. Firefighters, military personnel, utility workers in warm climates, just to mention a few examples, all benefit from drier and cooler clothes. Wet sports like kayaking, fishing, skiing and others are also prime candidates for moisture-controlled underwear.

How It Works

These clothes are designed to rapidly pull the moisture away from your skin using methods ranging from special weaving techniques to advanced nanotechnology. Either way, the result is cooler, drier and "breathing" clothes.

Microfiber, the leading moisture wicking technology, is a polyester/polyamideams mix made from a warp knitted thread. As the name implies, the thread is extremely small, which also makes the fabric very soft to the touch and tends to hold its shape over time.

Where to Buy Moisture Wicking Menswear

With the recent boom in moisture wicking menswear, practically any clothing store is bound to have at least a few items in stock. For best selection, check the upper-end stores, sports specialist or gym shops. You can also find good deals online. A Yahoo shopping or Google search will bring up dozens more.

A Word of Caution

Microfiber clothing is an artificial, petroleum-based product. That means they may emit hazardous fumes when burned, just like any other type of plastic blend.

This also means microfiber products are not biodegradable, nor are they "earth friendly" in terms of renewable resources. However, some argue that this aspect is partially offset by the resources spent, renewable and otherwise, to produce cotton and other more traditional fabrics.

Man Fashion: SPFW 08

Looking for Beachwear Fashion? Look no way than Brazilian Fashion – São Paulo Fashion Week is even bigger with the brands that show beachwear fashion.

This season, Movimento, Cia Matítima, Blue Man, Agua de Coco and Paola Robba for Poko Pano are at the forefront of beachwear, which also has Rosa Chá (Amir Slama) presenting its first men’s collection ever.

The event that just over at the Bienal Pavilion, in Ibirapuera Park, São Paulo.

New members have migrated to São Paulo Fashion Week, like Reserva and Blue Man from Rio.

Besides newcomer Maria Garcia (branch of Huis Clos) and the comebacks Isabela Capeto, OESTUDIO, Vide Bula, Pedro Lourenço, Anabela Baldaque and Miguel Vieira, Colcci have also put on a fashion show at SPFW.

Man Fashion for First Date

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. How true that old saying is. Unfortunately, many men don’t seem to care what impression they make. That, or they’re just totally oblivious to the importance of how a woman perceives you in those first moments upon meeting.

And it really is just those first few moments. Miss out on those, and you might miss the boat altogether. Don’t worry, I’m not telling you to change yourself, or change your style. I’m telling you to make a good first impression. If you can do that, the second impression can be whatever you want. (Within reason, of course.)


Unless you’re a teenager, or want to be equated to one, leave the baseball hats, kangos, derbies, etc at home. Not only do they detract from your appearance, they tell a woman you’re insecure. No, she probably won’t consciously be thinking that last one, but she’ll be feeling it on the inside, cos woman are naturally intuitive. People hide behind hats. Women don’t want a man who hides, they want a man who’s confident and isn’t afraid to show himself. And don’t leave me a comment telling me you wear hats all the time, and it’s unrelated to insecurity. If you wear one on a first date, it most certainly is.


Eye contact is extremely important when flirting with someone you’re interested in. Covering your eyes the whole time only tells that person you have something to hide. And, as with the hats, tells them you’re insecure about something. If you’re outside, fine, wear them. But if she wants to talk to you face to face, slide them on top of your head (this tends to look pretty sexy, anyway) and look her in the eye. This tells her subconscious you value the conversation enough to make the effort, and it tells her you’re willing to focus on her. And for God’s sake, do not wear them indoors.


In other words, don’t over or under-dress. If you’re just going to the movies, you don’t need to be decked out in a leisure suit. If you’re going to a Broadway show, you could stand to wear something nicer than your ratty jeans and a pair of old Chucks. No matter what, though, your date is not going to want to feel like she’s out with a slob. Nor is she going to want to feel like she’s out with the singer in a glam rock band. Dress for the occasion, because she certainly will.


You don’t need to visit the shoe-shine boy at the local train station, but you should clean your shoes before you meet up with your date. It’s unlikely she’s going to consciously scope out your shoes, but if they’re covered in crud, she’s going to notice. Women don’t expect men to be pristine, but we do want to know you take care of yourself to some degree. If your shoes are filthy, her subconscious is going to wonder what else might be.


You don’t have to press your t-shirts or jeans – but don’t show up in clothes that look like they’ve been sitting on your closet floor for a week. Yeah, they might be clean, but if they’re wrinkled, they don’t look it. So don’t assume that she’s going to assume they are. Even just running them through a dryer for a few minutes to get the wrinkles out is better than nothing.

You don’t have to dress like a fashion model – and most of us would be a little worried if you put too much thought into your appearance - but it would be nice if you at least cleaned yourselves up before a date!

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