Man Fashion: Summer Office Styles

Spring is definitely over and summer is where we are now. You want to stay cool at work, and you’re not just thinking temperature. If you’re not working at Microsoft, Google, or any of the big tech companies, chances are you don’t get the luxuries of wearing whatever you want. So how can you stay cool in the hot sun without being in the hot seat? Below are some pointers to get you started, and examples on how to use these guidelines to work for you.

Think about fabric: Pima cotton is breathable, versatile for all season, and has outstanding quality for clothing. Cotton blends, particularly with stretch wool or rayon/viscose, are great during the summer and keep your clothes fitted to your body. Linen is definitely a must-have in summer attire.

Think of colors: Try mixing bolder shades of spring pastel hues to “spring” into summer. Bold and vibrant colors can look cool and still be comfortable, such as various shades of purple, orange, and blues. Earth and neutral tones – like olives, tans, and browns – are definitely a standard and can look professional with minimal effort. Whites and greys are staples and versatile even when paired with bolder colors to accentuate your personal look. Minimize wearing black as much as possible. If you do wear black, get that in breathable fabrics like linen or cotton chinos, or look for it in subtle patterns.

Think of your workplace: Format your attire based on the dynamic of your workplace. Don’t wear sandals or flip flops if your work does not call for it.

Putting It All Together

No matter what fabrics, color and workplace, the most important of summer office wear is able to give you comfort and express individual personal styles.

Man Fashion: Who is the Most Influential Man in Men Fashion World?

Whether you like this or not, the most influential man in men fashion world is definitely not Barak Obama, not yet. Brad Pitt is out, Mathew Fox is not in this list. So who else is in your mind?

Yes. David Beckham. If you have read any of the recent news. Dolce & Gabbana is in fact think that David Beckham is one of the most influential people in men's fashion.

The Italian designers' menswear range is currently celebrating its 20th anniversary. Neither can believe they have been so successful in the industry, and believe teaming up with the soccer star in the late 90s really boosted their range.

"Before, it (men's fashion) was for social things, for gays, for eccentrics, for weirdos; it was a small market. David was the start, a hot, straight, family man with kids. He was such a big star and he gave the possibility to be fashionable to millions. He made it possible for men to approach fashion without fear. Men felt if he can do it, I can," Stefano Gabbana said.

The duo admits they wouldn't wear all the clothes they create, but say each piece has some of their personality in it. Both Stefano and Domenico Dolce design with their ideal man in mind, explaining they create looks they want to see men experimenting with.

So do you really agree with their statement? Again, we would like to hear from you. :)