Mens Fashion Week: Dsquared² Fall 2011 Collection

Leather pants, wing-tip boots, plaid shirts, denim, tight-cut suit coats in black. The Canadian designers Dean and Dan Caten brave the cold in their latest collection based on the rough and ready life of early American settlers.

The twins behind the DSquared label brought up the curtain on their own winter menswear show Tuesday to reveal a snow-laden hut immersed in the mountains.The collection of reassembled work wear was built around the apron, which in fashion terms becomes a vest. Heavy leather belts, suspenders and pioneer hats accessorized the look. Jeans, low slung and in wool denim are a winter must.

In terms of materials, flannel, wool and leather dominated.

Source: AP

Man Gadget: Device that Stop Texting While Driving

There are lots of devices on the market it appears as though nearly all of it is simply increasing the eternal pile of excess; a great number of tend to be nice however , not truly useful or useful. We sometimes overlook there's a real benefit to technology such as making us more secure and much more efficient in your lives. Then when a product like the Tiwi by Inthinc comes along, it arrives as a little bit of clean air all of us gladly pass on. Dunno exactly why it took such a long time to be released, however the Tiwi is really a gadget which disables mobile phones from functioning while the car is being operated, keeping motorists off their keypads and also devoted to the highway. In the event that successful, it might considerably reduce the texting-while-driving issue.

The product costs $299 coupled with installation and functions just like a chaperone in the car for moms and dads and organizations that issue mobile phones for their workers. It entirely disables communication on the mobile phone, while logging the actual driver’s speed, extreme driving patterns as well as seat belt utilization.

Mens Fashion Week: D &G SS2011 Designers Must Have Collection

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana shared their essentials of mens fashion SS 2011 collection revealed in Milan.

The collection was obviously a hymn not just to simple pleasures additionally it is to simpler times. Domenico and Stefano built it on the check fabric called Vichy, from the French town known for its production of cottons. It looks like every folksy napkin or tablecloth you've ever seen, and they used it for blousons, shirts, shorts, shoes, and the trim on collars and cuffs-just about anything, in fact, that could carry a pattern. It was positively invigorating.

Then the creative designers riffed with an evenly timeless theme: the tropical impress . The Hawaiian look really give the impression of Summer feels.


New Eco Friendly Dying Technology

Say goodbye to streaking colors as well as fading threads. A whole new long lasting dye by British scientists could possibly mean the end of rose-colored “whites” as well as other clothing disasters. The revolutionary technology bonds the dye in order to textile fibers-particularly synthetic ones-on a molecular level, which results in coloring which won’t go, leach, or perhaps fade. To build up their product, scientists at the University of Leeds spun off their own personal organization, DyeCat, that provides an eco friendlier substitute for traditional dyeing techniques by mitigating waste, pollution, and energy use.

In usual dyeing processes, that account for seventeen to twenty percent of global industrial water pollution, swathes of material are colored utilizing chemicals in water baths. Despite the fact that molecules of dye soak into the fibers and settle in between, they’re not completely attached, because of this the sunlight, laundering, temperature, as well as other environmental variables can easily dislodge them from the surface.

The technology pioneered by DyeCat, alternatively, doesn’t make use of water at all. It chemically bonds the dye to the filaments as they’re twisted and spun into fiber, permanently locking in the color so it never washes out. The color, in essence, becomes part of the material, and no dyes contaminate the water. 

Swiss Army Bread Bag

When you initially discover Swiss Army what's your opinion related with? Certainly it’s the renowned red knives which somehow (might be magic) be capable of cram 6500 tools into their svelte exterior - all while remaining small compared to a bread container.

Apparently there really is a Swiss Army (who knew) and they've Bread Bags. It could apt to be more apt because people merely carry bread in individuals ecologically safe reusable grocery hand bags now, yet that’s not the purpose.

It’s a heavy gauge leatherette out protect combined to a canvas primary compartment and 2 more compact interior compartments. The actual hardware (loops, straps and trim) is all adjustable to suit your requirements. Size wise, it's available in at 10 x 10 x 4 therefore it’s got sufficient space for your necessities. Like your lunch. Your lunch which very likely are more expensive than this particular bag simply because it’s simply less than $16.