Mens Skin Care: Protect Your Skin During Winter

During Summer time, life is more simpler, all you need is sunscreen and sun lotion. But during winter months, this is the time of year when life becomes a little less comfortable and winter related skin issues will bothering some of us.

Winter weather is harsher on your skin then summer weather for several reasons:

The air is dryer in the winter than in the summer. This causes your natural body oils to evaporate faster leaving you more vulnerable to the drying effects. I am sure you are most likely sweating less in the winter than you do in the summer. Perspiration brings more of your skin oils to the surface and helps to clean out your pores. This promotes healthier skin and tends to refresh your skin's protective coating. I am sure most of you are less active in the winter, so naturally we sweat less. :)

The cold winter air tends to constrict the skin making it tighter and somewhat less porous. This can hamper our skins natural oil production to some degree. You know you've got it when your skin begins to feel tighter and you get that annoying prickly itch. When severe, your skin can crack and the condition becomes downright painful. This can be aggravated even more if your work or play puts you outdoors in the cold for long periods. If you find yourself in this situation,

So we all like ladies should also deserve products that soothe several ailments. Here are the essentials.

  • Molton Brown Nurture Desert Bloom Ultrabalm   

  • What it does: Repairs and soothes chapped lips

    Key ingredient: Myrothamnus flabellifolia, or resurrection plant, which grows in the desert areas of South Africa.  

    Why it works: This one is still a bit of a mystery. While there are tons of positive testimonials for the product, little is actually known about Myrothamnus flabellifolia. 

  • (Malin + Goetz) Cilantro Conditioner 

  • What it does: Conditions and styles dry hair  

    Key ingredients: Panthenol and cilantro

    Why it works: Hair becomes dry and brittle in the winter, but panthenol helps to thicken the hair shaft, attracting water to the scalp.

  • Tee Tree Therapy Antibacterial Liquid Soap

  • What it does: Cleans and doubles as shaving cream  

    Key ingredient: Peach nut oil  

    Why it works: This is the most effective antibacterial and high quality liquid soap. Mild and gentle to the skin. "Because it utilizes the solvent properties of tea tree oil to make it a powerful cleansing soap, so this make it the most trusted soap for me during winter months", says Dr. Wilbert.

  • Revolution Organics All-Over Body Balm

  • What it does: Wards off face-freeze  

    Key ingredient: Cacao butter

    Why it works: “Cacao butter is a classic moisturizing barrier in the petrolatum family,” says New York dermatologist Dr. David Biro. “It stops moisture from freezing on your face and frostbiting you. Any balm will do, but this one theoretically wards off aging.

    Lastly, what's best now that we can buy all these online from  

    Man Gossip: New ‘Grease’ contest from Eva Longoria & Tony Parker

    The Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria and her husband Tony Parker have launched a new Grease contest. Both of them are inviting fans to recreate scenes from the 1978 musical for a new online competition - and they’ve made the contest’s very first entry with their own take on the classic Grease track, Summer Nights.

    Longoria Parker donned a blonde wig and a bright yellow dress to play Newton-John’s Sandy in the cute spoof, while her husband showed off his dance moves as Travolta’s bad boy Danny Zuko.

    In a clip on his official website, the San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker explains they chose Grease because “it’s Eva’s favorite film,” before challenging fans to submit their own parodies of the cult movie. After the deadline for the video entries closes on 31st January, then the couple will select their favorite videos and fly the winners out to one of Parker’s basketball games in Texas, where they’ll meet them, in person.

    Check out Parker official website here

    To watch an instructional video from Parker and to access the submission forum, click here

    Is this contest sound interesting? So what are you waiting for?


    Porsche + Adidas = 2010 Mens Spring/Summer Collection

    It may be getting colder across the country, but in Porscheland, things are heating up. The German automaker just took the wraps off its ultimate tribute to sun and fun, the new Boxster Spyder, in Los Angeles, and its merchandising counterpart is gearing up for sunshine with its new collection of gear for the spring and summer for 2010.

    This seventh release of this engineered-luxury sportswear line, which is a team effort between Porsche Design and Adidas, consists of footwear and sportswear fitting for golfers, runners, tennis players, and water- and snow-related sports enthusiasts.

    Porsche Adidas 2010 Spring Collection

    Man Fashion Tips: All About Mens Shirts

    Nothing new to men's shirts, this words is around us for many years, but whether you’re walking into a department store, ordering online, or looking through a catalog, it can be confusing to figure out exactly what you need or why you need it. There are many occasions and settings, which often call for a specific dress code. So I thought of sharing with some of you a quick guide on various occasions and appropriate shirt and style options available, from men’s t-shirts to men’s dress shirts, and everything in between.

    Men's Casual – An everyday look, the emphasis is style and comfort. Casual men’s t-shirts can be as simple as a plain white or boldly colored t-shirt or they can be a statement piece, with logos and embellishments, which can be paired with blazers and jean jackets and worn to night clubs and trendy parties. This style gives the most options as men’s t-shirts can worn, which includes polo shirts, golf shirts, fitted t-shirts, or more ornate or fashionable button-down shirts. Either a casual cotton t-shirt can be worn or a men’s dress shirt can be worn in a more casual manner, such as rolling the sleeves or pushing them up to the ¾ length. There are a variety of colors, logos, styles and fabrics for this dress code and offers the most liberty at creating your own personal style and allows the most self-expression. Prices can be as diverse as style, with a plain men’s t-shirt starting under $2 and designer 28t-shirts that cost between $122.00-$790.00.

    Men's Dressy Casual - Men’s t-shirts should be avoided. The best shirt for this dress code can be a button-down men’s shirt, either long or short-sleeve and paired with a sports coat or blazer. Though it doesn’t offer much variety, you have more freedom with color choice, fabrics and an open-collared shirt is appropriate. Also, this means no tie should be worn, as it would be formal. Prices can be as low as $7.95 and upwards of $700.00 and the same price range for dressy casual men’s dress shirts goes for informal, business casual and traditional business men’s shirts.

    • Informal/Semi-Formal/Cocktail - The dress code is less formal and calls for a dark suit, and a tie is not required. The men’s shirts best suited to this dress code are crisp, dress shirts that are long or short-sleeve. Since a tie is not needed, if one is worn it can be more bold than with a business attire. This kind of attire is perfect for cocktail parties, evening weddings or weddings that don’t state otherwise, or special events. It also lends itself well to museum openings and art galleries, or first dates and holiday parties.

    Men's Business Casual - This style is the most lax of all business attire and can include a range of shirts from knitted golf shirts and polo shirts to men’s dress shirts. The shirt should be tucked in and worn with a simple leather belt. Since the attire is still business, leather shoes should be worn, though you’re not limited to lace-up shoes or simply black or brown. The color palette is more varied and vibrant. This offers more choices of what can be paired with the men’s shirt, such as cardigans, sports coats or knit sweaters. Dressy men’s long-sleeve button down shirts can also be included in this style. Polo shirts can cost $49.99-$128.00 for designer labels or department store brands. Cheaper brands cost $10-$15.

    • Traditional Business - The color palette should be muted or dark earth tones; generally, navy blue, black, dark brown, gray and sandstone are the best options. This attire calls for dress shirts for men that are less formal, so a button-down shirt with a Lay-down collar is sufficient. The shirt color should be white, off-white or a muted complement to the suit. Other options include a simple vertical pinstripe pattern.

    • Business Formal-The appropriate men’s shirt is a white shirt in the French-cuff style, and the shirt should be fastened with cuff links. The suit is dark and tailored, with a silk napkin square and a simple silk tie with no ornamentation or busy patterns. Prices start at $14.99, with designer mens shirts could ranging from $217.00-$700.00.

    • Formal - This can be the same attire as Black Tie, with a white men’s dress shirt, or dress code can be more lenient, with suits worn without ties or worn with black dress shirts; it all depends on the city and the formality of the event. The price ranges from $29.75-$165.00.

    • Black Tie - Tuxedos are worn at these events, so the perfect men’s shirt would be a tuxedo shirt. Choose either stiff cotton or linen in white or off-white. The shirt can have a stiff front or more traditionally, Marcella, plain or pleated. Tuxedo shirts can have mother-of-pearl buttons or be fastened with cuff links and shirt studs. The collar can come in Lay-down, Wing or Wingtip, or Mandarin. Prices range from $7.95-$225.

    Man Movie Review: Avatar

    Not Santa Clause movie, Chritmas songs, but the hottest film in town at end of this year, Avatar. Avatar has been a long time coming, not least because Cameron first got the idea more than a decade ago and he has not directed one since 1997’s Titanic.

    He's had to wait all this time for technology to catch up to his vision of a strange alien world and the war for its precious resources, and has invented a lot of it to push everything from cameras to 3D techniques forward.

    Looking at the actors alone, Sam Worthington is pretty much perfect for the part he plays. He narrates a good part of the movie and has a voice with a bit of an attitude — yet still calming — that was needed to fit the bill. The other actor that stands out is Stephen Lang, who plays the tough-as-nails Colonel Miles Quaritch.

    If I were to picture in my mind the type of person who should have played Colonel Quaritch, it would be Stephen Lang. I found Giovanni Ribisi to be an odd choice to play the corporate weasel heading up the project. He just seemed a bit young for the part. Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver and Michelle Rodriguez all did a fine job but none of them were called upon to go over and above what you might expect from them.

    Now I'm think about it, the story line was pretty simple. The corporate bullies, with the help of the army, step in to take something valuable and they don’t care who they are inconveniencing by doing it. We’ve seen this a million times before on film and probably more times in real life. The only difference with Avatar is that it is happening on an alien planet, with a race of which we have never heard and with some of the best special effects we have ever seen.

    In conclusion, if you didn’t already expect the special effects in this movie, the SFX are impeccable and he uses them well. Instead of just shoving them in your face, he weaves them into the story beautifully, and they come off effortlessly.

    Find out where you can get this Avatar DVD if you intend to add this into your last piece of collection this year.

    Rating: 8.5/10.0

    Man Fashion: 2010 Top 10 Colognes

    A right cologne can be break or make for any of your important occasion, such as date, interview as well as any social gathering. So today, A Man Fashion would like to share with all the readers on what are 2010 top 10 colognes that will going to be populate in men fashion world, these 10 are a mixture of new as well as old taste.

    1. Egoiste By Chanel For Men. Eau De Toilette Spray 1.7 Ounces by Chanel

    A little of this one goes a long way. By far the crown jewel of colognes. For secure and confident men. Very intense and changes notes constantly.

    Alright, this is challenge for my dyslexic eyes to write these down from the mirrored box, so you better read carefully if you really is interested.

    Alcohol, Water, Methyl Gluceth-20, Fragrance, Hydrogenated caster oil, limonene, propylene glycol, allantoin, poly quaternium-10, linalool, butylphenyl methylpropional, citric acid, hydroxyisohexyl 3-cyclohexene carboxaldehyde, tetrasodium edta, citral, coumarin, citronellol, geraniol, phenoxyethanol, Yellow 5

    Guys, remember this bottle is moderately priced so it's not cheap, but it's worth every penny I promise you!

    2. M7 by Yves Saint Laurent For Men. Eau De Toilette Spray 3.3 Oz. by Yves Saint Laurent

    Opinions are very split on this classic by Yves Saint Laurent. To me it smells of luxury and fine living. Starts like cherry cough syrup and ends like fine pipe tobacco,  so this is strongly addictive once you start to "taste' it.

    I have more than 10 different colognes in my collection right now but this one beats all of them both hands down.I hope it will stay forever.


    Top notch.6 out of 5 stars.

    3. LA NUIT DE L'HOMME by YSL Men's EDT Cologne by Yves Saint Laurent

    This is the YSL's evening interpretation of the modern classic L'Homme. A little sweeter and longer lasting than L'Homme, and a little more sophisticated.

    4. PERRY ELLIS MEN 3.4 oz EDT Cologne NIB by Perry Ellis

    While strange to see a Perry Ellis frag on this list, don't underestimate it like many cologne snobs. Garners many compliments and leaves you wanting more all day. Long lasting as well. The beauty is this really smell very close to Acqua, and is light enough to wear at work or to school or wherever.

    5. Chanel Pour Monsieur By Chanel For Men, Eau De Toilette Spray by Chanel

    For the classic man who likes fine clothes and fine jewelry. Screams opulence.

    6. L'homme Yves Saint Laurent By Yves Saint Laurent For Men. Eau De Toilette Spray

    An intoxicating daytime cologne that you never tire of and has volume control so you can't overspray it. Moreover, YSL l'homme is not as fruity and light as Aqua di Gio, and is a bit stonger but just as nice. No musk, some citrus and more like a pleasant talcum powder smell. Very fresh but longer lasting than the Aqua di Gio.

    7. Perry Ellis 360 By Perry Ellis For Men. Eau De Toilette Spray by Perry Ellis

    Another unsung favorite of mine, the original Perry Ellis 360. Just like the new Perry Ellis 2008, I get complimented almost everytime I wear it. Starts off like bad medicine, and ends ends up very soft & woodsy, thus 360 degrees.

    8. Egoiste Platinum By Chanel For Men. Eau De Toilette Spray 1.7 by Chanel

    Unlike it's brother Egoiste, Platinum is much more conservative. Still refined however and can easily be worn anytime, anywhere. Please note, it's nothing like Egoiste in the least.

    9. Obsession By Calvin Klein For Men. Eau De Toilette Spray by Calvin Klein

    I'm not one wearing colognes and such every day. There is one however that I reach for more often than any other. Its Calvin Klein's Obsession, for men.

    A true classic though that many women still love. The best of the CK line. I still remembered one of the feedback given by my friend, he had used this cologne for a number of years and then for some reason he switched and used a number of other scents. The compliments were not as frequent with the other scents. Since coming back to Obsession, he once again was told how pleasing the fragrance is by a few people.

    10. Antaeus By Chanel For Men, Eau De Toilette Spray, by Chanel

    This is one that I have tested but do not own yet. I really liked what I smelled and if you do your homework you'll find there are very few negative comments out there. Will probably be my next purchase sometime in the future.

    Man Fashion: Mao Suit

    Man Fashion designers are remodeling the traditional Mao suit in the hope that it will once again become a popular item of clothing.

    The gray "Zhongshan", or Mao suit, that President Hu Jintao wore when he stood on the rostrum in Tian'anmen Square for the 60th anniversary celebration of New China, caused a stir both at home and abroad. It had a Western-style slim cut, but all the suit's characteristic elements, including pockets, buttons and color.

    Sun Yat-sen (1866-1925), first president of the Republic of China, introduced the Zhongshan suit.

    It dominated local menswear for six decades - from 1920 to 1980 - during which time Western media portrayed China as a "gray society" as all the men wore them and looked the same. Chairman Mao Zedong popularized it and this is why it is known in the West as the "Mao suit".

    When President Hu wore his Mao suit it signaled its rejuvenation and designers busied themselves creating new patterns for the new millennium. The modern Mao suit is an expression of one's personality.

    According to Liu Yuanfeng, dean of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology (BIFT), Mao suit firstly made an appearance when Western culture was brought into China in 1920. The Mao suit was a fusion of fashion and culture. It had the outline of a Western suit, but had Chinese elements.

    There are redesigned Mao suits on the market now that have a casual look. Kevin Kelly, Eve and Notting Hill are three menswear brands that have produced new styles that are currently only available in Beijing and Shanghai.

    The modern Mao suit has shiny copper buttons instead of gray plastic ones, and is slim-cut. The four pockets have been cut out. The suits are made from synthetic fibers and silk rather than just cotton. It can also be embroidered and accessorized with scarves, leather bags and boots.

    With mixture of Chinese and Western culture, would you believe, Mao suits, inheriting both, will become popular again?

    Man Fashion: Is Skinny Jeans Dying Off?

    If you thought you look totally awesome in your skinny hipster jeans, well you are wrong. The trend seems to be dying off and most people these days have begun to go for that eased look, which comes with jeans that are not skinny. In the Paris Men’s Fashion Week lately, Dior Homme, Lanvin, Hermès, Paul Smith and other big names in the men’s couture did not reveal any jeans or trousers that even bordered close to being skinny or tight.

    The tight jeans, kohl fudged, spike haired look seems to be dying and a relaxed 90s look seems to be back. This could be a fallout from the recession as most of us do not care about fashion anymore? as some of us are not afford as before?

    The solution seems to be in well tailored but unpretentious jeans that not only look good but also make you feel like you are not being vain when people are losing jobs. Hermès designer Veronique Nichanian showed to the world what well dressed men look like even without tight and skinny jeans with washed linens and vintage shirts. Of course, fashion is very personal taste, I'm not influence your decision, but if you are on the lookout for such skinny jeans, think twice again!

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    Man Fashion: D&G Time Commercial

    Nothing new about Dolce and Gabbana ads. as they are always known for racy ads, commercials and editorials. All of there lines do that, be it Dolce and Gabbana, D&G, or D&G Time.

    If you are confuse between Dolce and Gabbana and D&G, maybe I should clarify with you, Dolce and Gabbana and D&G are two separate lines. D&G is a younger version of Dolce and Gabbana and operates at a lower price point. Definitely is not what you thought as a Diffusion line of Dolce and Gabbana.

    2010 New Look for A Man Fashion

    While we approaching to 2010, I am proud and excited to unveil the new look of A Man Fashion Blog.

    As you can see from the screen shot, this is the one of the most popular theme, magazine theme. A Man Fashion logo is totally new to all everyone here, was designed with clear and simplicity in mind, and I hope you all like this new logo design. Since this is magazine theme, it give the flexibility to design the layout of homepage as well as post content, to give readers whole new browsing as well as reading experience in this blog, which I am sure you all will enjoy this.  :)

    So do come back again in these two days to find out the new look of A Man Fashion Blog.

    Lastly, I would love to hear your from you if you have any feedback related to this new magazine theme.

    Man Car Review: 2010 Audi R8 V-10

    Since it first appeared as the Le Mans Quattro Concept at the Frankfurt auto show way back in September 2003, the Audi R8 became an instant sensation. But seemingly before the car even turned a wheel the inevitable follow-up question was asked: when is the more-powerful variant coming? After all, Porsche is never content with just a base 911 and with comparisons aplenty between the Stuttgart legend and upstart rookie from Ingolstadt, it was obvious Audi would eventually up its R8 game.

    Like the V-8-powered R8, the Audi R8 5.2 FSI quattro will come with either a traditional six-speed manual or R tronic six-speed sequential manual. Regardless of gearbox choice, Audi says the V-10 propels the R8 5.2 from 0-62 mph in 3.9 seconds -- about a half-second drop from the 4.4 second 0-60 claim for the R8 4.2 and squarely in the supercar pantheon. Audi also claims the R8 5.2 achieves an average fuel economy of 17.2 mpg, an impressive figure for a 525 hp supercar.

    The car's dimensions don't vary much from the V8 model — the V10 measures just 3 millimeters taller and 4mm longer. This car is wider than the V8 by just over an inch, though, and this is because the wider side blades (i.e., air scoops) take in more air for cooling and, frankly, just add more badass-edness to the way the V10-powered R8 looks.

    The Audi R8 5.2 FSI quattro will make its world bow at next month's 2009 Detroit auto show and when the R8 5.2 is rolled out in Germany in the second quarter of 2009, it will come with a sticker price of 142,400 Euros, or $181,645 at current exchange rates. Though there is no official word yet on the timing of a U.S. release, it's likely the R8 5.2 will come stateside sometime late next year with a hefty premium over the base R8, which presently lists for just under $116,000.


    Man Fashion: H&M 2010 Mens Look Book

    H&M  released its spring 2010 look book, spotted on ModeMan, featuring model Tyler Riggs in a whole new look. H&M is expanding its men’s line with more trend pieces that were seen on the runways in the past.

    H&M Spring 2010 mens collection offers more daring pieces like skirts, harem pants, fringe, ethnic prints and tie dye, along with classic cuts like blazers, dress pants, leather jackets, button down shirts, jeans, grandpa sweaters and vests, with accessories in focus like straw hat, scarf, sail sneakers and many more...

    Man Fashion: Facial Hairstyle for Christmas

    Facial hair styles help the men show their complete personality as a bold, dynamic and tough. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we term the facial hair style as revealing the masculinity of men. Our forefathers boasted of theirs mustache and a long beard which in modern world is nowhere to be seen except in Hollywood films.

    All the men prefer to remain clean shaved which now has become a trend displaying a sober personality of man. But with many fascinating styles of facial hair gaining a popularity in the world, even the clean shaved men have developed a craze for adopting a most attractive facial hair style. Though a sole purpose of adhering to any suitable facial hair style is to cause a magnetizing effect of man’s personality in the society, few men change the style of their facial hair only to conceal their bad look.

    Facial Hairstyle
    Be the motive whatever it may, the facial hair style has got to help you meet your personal desire. You can choose a most suitable facial hair style for your face out of many attractive styles, such as mustachio shaggy facial hair style , beard facial hair style, goatee facial hair style and side-burbs facial hair style.

    A general notion that attractive facial hair style helps the men look very dynamic and imperious by entire of their physique stimulates them to opt for a most impactive facial hair style at saloon. Encouraged immensely to establish their personality as a most extraordinary one in a friend circle, office or in society, the curious men go through many unique styles of facial hair before adopting a most suitable one matching with their face, personality and disposition

    Facial Hairstyle
    If you too have developed a craze for improving your personality and do crave for a suitable facial hair style, visit local saloon and look into the album to opt a most suitable facial hair style which has got to present your embodiment as an extraordinary one in the society. Some of the much sought after facial hair styles which you can choose from at a saloon, include Balboa facial hair style, full beard facial hair style, chin strap facial hair style, chin strip facial hair style, wide goatee facial hair style, door knocker facial hair style, manicured scruff facial hair style, mutton chops and soul patch facial hair style, etc.

    Those who want to present themselves as an exceptional personality in their society should go for a suitable facial hair style. Like a beauty-conscious woman, the men also spend much of theirs precious time in maintaining their facial look, which, they believe, will help them maintain greatest impact of theirs facial hair style. It is the main reason that almost all the personality-conscious men do visit saloon after every two to three days of time in order to trim unscrupulous facial hairs and maintain adopted style of facial hair.

    Facial Hairstyle
    All the celebrities and Hollywood stars go for different types of facial hair styles. Reigning over the thoughts of their fans, the celebrity’s glamorous dresses, hair styles and even facial hair styles encourage the men to follow even a quaint facial hair style.

    Do not follow a quaint facial hair style, which, though may look very attractive over the face of a film actor, it can render you a laughing stock among your friends, if it doesn’t match your face and figure. Impact of any specific facial hair style cant be the same for all, as the face and figure of men differ and play conspicuous role in signifying or stultifying the facial hair style which you may be planning for. Do not imitate a facial hair style of any great personality if it doesn’t suit your face.