Men Hairstyles: Haircare Tips

As hair loss issues become one of the most concerns of men, regardless of their ages. It is important for us to stress on hair care further (There was a earlier post on hair care tips, to find out earlier post, click here: man health: how to take care of your hair). Most of us are overwhelming by many ads for shampoos and styling products you see on television that claim to promote "healthy hair!" Let's get real, people!

There is no such thing as "healthy hair." Hair is basically made up of protein and keratin. The hair itself has no blood supply and no nervous system. Hair is not alive, so it cannot be "healthy" Because hair is not a living structure, it cannot repair itself and must be maintained properly to preserve strength, elasticity, and shine. Some shampoos and conditioners claim to "repair the damage" to your hair. They simply cannot. Once hair is damaged, the only way to "repair" it is to cut off the damaged length. The following are a few tips to keep your hair looking great... looking "healthy!"

Dry Your Hair

Towel Drying is one of the leading causes of damage to men's hair. Guys love to take a towel and rub that hair like crazy. The problem here is that when hair is wet, it is also very easily damaged. When "rubbing" the hair with a towel, some of the hairs become tangled in the threads of the towel and are stretched to the breaking point, causing damage to the cuticle and split ends. To minimize damage from towel drying, shake out the excess water and then stroke your hair with the towel in the direction it grows. This may take a bit longer but it's worth it.

Blow Drying is also a leading cause of hair damage. It can dry out the hair and scalp. We strongly recommend not to use blow dryer, but if you must blow, then you might want to follow these tips.

  1. To prevent damage from blow drying, apply a thermal styling spray to the hair. This will make it easier to comb and protect against heat damage.
  2. Make sure to hold the dryer 6-10 inches away from the hair and move it briskly from side to side. This will keep the hair from becoming damaged by heat.
  3. Avoid drying the hair completely. Leaving the hair slightly damp will prevent drying out the hair.

Easy On That Comb, Pal, when hair is wet, prevent damage by using a wide-tooth comb or brush. This will limit damage caused by the comb or brush pulling on the hair.

Wash in very hot water can dry out the hair and scalp. Take it easy on the heat.

Watch the Pool Water.Pool water contains chemicals that can dry, damage, and discolor hair. To minimize damage from chlorine and other chemicals, always wet the hair with tap water before entering the pool and wash with tap water after swim. This will help prevent your hair from absorbing water from the pool and wash away the chlorine or other chemicals after swim.

Avoid Chemical Abuse. Repeatedly coloring or perming hair can wreak havoc. Chemicals used to process hair can be very harsh to your hair and scalp.

Don't over wash. Feel free to shampoo daily, but extensive shampoo in a day could cause damage to your hair. Professional shampoos are designed to deposit softening agents, moisturizers and protect agents into the hair shaft. But, when you shampoo, concentrate on cleansing the scalp. The hair will be sufficiently cleansed by rinsing the shampoo out of the hair.

Balance diet. Eating well, drinking plenty of water, taking vitamins, getting plenty of sleep, and living a stress free lifestyle will promote faster growth of the hair. The hair is often a reflection of the entire body. A body that is healthy and well maintained will likely have hair that is strong, shiny, and "healthy looking."

Control Frizz. Frizzy hair is caused by a low amount of moisture and protein. To control frizz, use a good moisturizing conditioner. You can also apply a "smoothing" serum such to add shine and manageability.

So remember, all these tips are not one time event, but are continuous effort.

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Dress Shoes: Reveal the Secret of Your Personality

It might sound a bit corny, but the saying: You can tell a man by the shoes he wears, is very apt, it really is. It's as predictable as being able to tell how someone lives by their life indoors by their garden outdoors. Men might be better groomed today than at any time in the past but when it comes to shoes, many of them still haven't got a clue!There's nothing a woman likes to see more than a well groomed man, and that goes for hair, nails, and general attire, and that includes his footwear. Putting a scruffy and unkempt pair of shoes onto a clean and otherwise well spruced body from the ankles up, will mean that all that hard work into looking good has gone out of the window! Man dress shoes should be considered and extension to the feet. It's a mistake to think that the location of the feet will mean the shoes go unnoticed.So every man's wardrobe should include these basic dress shoe colors, as highlighted in my earlier post, black and brown along with a selection outside the basic color dress shoe for those "special occasions". As I mentioned in my earlier post, many folks skimp on quality footwear due to the price, but the high quality man dress shoes are eventually going to be more cost efficient than the cheap poor quality ones as they are simply not made to last.

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How to Look For Your Perfect Fashion Dress Shoes?

Unlike women dress shoes, man shoes normally design with simplicity in mind. Hence, a pair of men fashion dress shoes normally will not out of fashion so quickly. Regardless, there are some factors that you need to keep in mind that will not only make your selection criteria easier but also help to insure that you get the right footwear.
  • Style and Fashion
The most important criteria during your selection process will be style and fashion of course. One obvious will be the color, the basics that every man should needs are the standard black and brown. Another color that you might want to consider is burgundy, which goes well with many different colors of khaki pants.

Within the dress shoe genre there are casual dress shoes that are really more like fancy moccasins and more elegant dress shoes made of elaborate exotic skins. Depend on what occasion and your dress code, you wouldn’t want to wear a casual dress shoes to attend a gala dinner at a 5 stars hotel ballroom. In short, your fashion dress shoes should be dressy depending upon what you wear with them and the occasion you are going to attend.

  • Durability
Men dress shoes details are the foundation in building and shaping the durability of dress shoes. It provides the comfort and firmness within that men are always sensitive about. So let go through some of the basic features.

Most men dress shoes are made of leather. It is important to know what constitutes good leather since this material covers about 80 – 90% of the dress shoe. Generally, base on layman’s sight and touch, we focus on a smooth with consistent fine grain on the leather for men fashion dress shoes details. The leather should feel rich and supple. Still it is difficult for any layman to assess the quality of leather unless you really know leather very well.

Hence, instead of trying to focus 100% on the leather itself, it should put some attention on the construction of the men fashion dress shoes such as lining, stitching, soles and heels.

Believe me, I would suggest you rather spend a little more money upfront for a good pair of shoes that will last several years than to pay $20 or $30 bucks for shoes that won't last one year or less.

  • Frequency
The frequency of shoes is going to be used is very important criteria in the selection process. Shoes that are worn infrequently don't necessarily need to be held to the same standards as those that are worn on a daily basis. For example, if you are wearing shoes that are only for seasonal formal occasions they might not necessary to be as comfortable or durable as if you were wearing them every day.

In other word, the biggest consideration in shoes that are worn daily should be support to give you comfort and prevent injury.

Lastly, whatever you choose be sure they are comfortable and durable so that they will feel good and last a long time.

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New Men Collection from Bill Blass New York

The former men’s fashion director for Bergdorf Goodman, Michael Bastian launched his own menswear collection in 2006 after noticing a void in the men’s designer market for classic American apparel produced at a luxury level and with a modern fit. He was a 2007 nominee of the CFDA Newcomer Menswear Designer of the Year award, as well as a recently announced finalist for this year’s CFDA / Vogue Fashion Fund award. Attached here with his latest design for Spring 2008.“The opportunity to be part of the re-launch of the Bill Blass men’s line is incredibly exciting for me. He was always someone I greatly admired, and in my opinion, completely epitomized the idea of the American Gentleman – charming, engaging, caring, always beautifully put together, but in an approachable, loosened-tie sort of way. I am looking forward to reinterpreting these ideals for the modern customer,” said Bastian.Michael Bastian’s first collection with Bill Blass will be launched in Fall 2008.You can find out more from Bill Blass homepage.


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Who is the most trusted man in Fashion?

YOU probably didn't notice, what with all the excitement about the return of "Project Runway," the release of a survey by a marketing company last week noting that Donald J. Trump had beat out Giorgio Armani and Donna Karan as one of the most trusted fashion names in America. That's right: Donald Trump, the real estate mogul, television star, hair aesthete and confessed "germ freak." Even the editors of Women's Wear Daily seemed to be in a state of disbelief, since their report of the news was buried on the inside.

It couldn't be true. Mr. Armani has worked his fingers to the bone to be a world-renowned designer; spent a fortune advancing the idea too. And what about Valentino, Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney and those boys - what are their names? - Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana? They don't even make the list. Shut out of America. Ignored. Trumped. It's true.

The Donald J. Trump collection of suits, ties and dress shirts has been available for the last year at Macy's and other Federated department stores, a couple of hundred outlets in all. Terry J. Lundgren, the chief executive of Federated, has characterized the Trump apparel business as "an unbelievable runaway success." Mr. Trump doesn't design the clothes, he doesn't make them, and he doesn't spend a dime to promote them. And unlike most designers, he doesn't expend any effort trying to convince the American public that a billionaire, the keeper of Mar-a-Lago, the defender of capitalist culture, would dump his $5,000 Brioni suits in favor of his own $495 make. He wears his suits, which are produced for a royalty by a firm called Marcraft, but he also wears the other.

"I like Brioni; they treat me fantastically," Mr. Trump said last Friday from Florida, where he was watching a women's golf tournament at one of his clubs.

He may have been surprised himself to learn that he had done in a year of light lifting what has taken Ralph Lauren nearly 40 years to accomplish. That is, according to the survey, by Brand Keys, a marketing company in New York, his brand is seen as having the qualities that consumers most desire in clothes, namely comfort, style and fit. Brand Keys asked 500 adults, chosen from the nine census regions, to rate a total of 1,200 brands, ranging from banks and fast-food chains to apparel and consumer electronics.

Out of 50 fashion brands, however, only five ranked in the top category, called Human Brands, which simply meant that whether you hailed from a red state or a blue one, said "tomato" or "tumaytuh," you recognized values beyond the commoditized subsoil of price. The five were Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Isaac Mizrahi, Victoria's Secret and, of course, Donald Trump.

A number of designer labels fell into a next-best category, called 21st-Century Brands, which suggested that names like Prada, Armani and Versace also resonated with consumers but without the same degree of meaning as the Human types. The inclusion in a third, more lowly category, Label, of Anne Klein, Bill Blass and Calvin Klein points up the staying power of a name long after the company's founder has died or retired and its product has struggled to be relevant.


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7 Men Fashion to avoid in 2008

Fashion trends are changing so fast recently, what was popular in last summer might no longer applicable today. So what are the fashion trends that made popular by fashion designers in 2007 that now you should avoid in 2008? I have listed 7 men fashion trends that in my opinion will slowing die-off. If you have something to add on, please feel free to drop me a note.
  1. Skinny Jeans for men
  2. Male V-neck T-shirt
  3. Bright shoes for men
  4. Man scarfs
  5. Giant sunglass
  6. Patent leather
  7. Metallics clothing

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Boxing Day Sale

So right after Christmas, here come the Boxing Day, so did you manage to get something on this Boxing day? In most of the Commonwealth countries, (except some of the Commonwealth countries in Asia). Boxing Day sales are just as much part of the festive season as candy canes. On December 26, shoppers line up outside stores, waiting in anticipation for the doors to open and for the 50%, 60% and 70% sales or even 80% sales to begin. The term originates in Victorian England, when the rich would box up gifts on the day after Christmas and bring them to the poor. In recent times, it has just come to mean Sale, Sale, Sale!

This year, Boxing Day came early -- at least in New York City. Sales started everywhere on the street: Gucci, Guess, D&G, Marc Jacobs, Barney's, etc. Even online retailers have been going on sale earlier than ever before.

So, does this must mean that retailers are desperate because US retail market is in the doldrums? Maybe, is too early to tell, but one thing for sure, you don't want to miss this crazy sale on this Boxing Day.

DKNY 2008 Spring Collection

Man Fashion: Color Matching

Just wonder how many of you here are facing problem when try to match your favorite color shirt with your pant? or you are thinking of buying some new clothes to match with your pants, jean, shoes etc? No worry anymore, now there are alot of online color matching tool which was initially design to help those website designer to design their website, but nevertheless, I have started to use some of the online programs and found that's actually be working very well.

Here are just two of the online color matching schme websites that I visited most often.

Enjoy matching.

Richest Lady Want Perfect Man for Christmas

After so many man fashion, design and style, I believe some of you might wondering what else you can find here? Well, of course some topic to gossip about. So what is the world most famous, richest, sexy single lady want for Christmas?

Paris Hilton has just one thing on her wish list--a perfect man.

Hilton is said to be desperate to settle down and start a family and is hoping she'll get what she wants over the holiday season.

When asked what she wants for Christmas, Paris told Germany's Vanity Fair magazine: "A man to fall in love with, one for life. Someone that I can start a family with."

Do you think she is just dreaming or this can be reality? So any taker or volunteer here?

Men Fashion and Football

Most of the guys like football, of course there are some exception, but do you know what are our soccer superstars fashion style like? Here are some of famous soccer superstar's fashion trends, so what is your favorite soccer superstar?

How to Maintain Your Style and Saving account

I used to wonder how my colleagues could afford the latest and greatest fashions. Despite the fact that we all took home the identical meager salary, they walked in the door every week with a new outfit. I walked in the door with the shirts and khaki pants. It took a few decades before I realized that their clothes were actually owned by Visa and MasterCard. This was a realization I made without ever looking at their credit card statement. I could see the stress in their eyes. By the time they paid off that latest clothing set, those sets are out of style. Then we are on a Fashion Hamster Wheel.

However, one of my colleague James was different. He was always tastefully dressed, his clothes predating the next fashion trend. Almost every time I asked him where he got his clothes he told me he bought them at a thrift store. There was something else about James's style that no one else had - serenity, mean he had ZERO DEBT. He was in full control of his spending and it was palpable.

James clearly had his own sense of style. With a little creativity and a small investment of time, he was able to act on it. I'm not quote you have to forego shopping at your most approved stores to be able to afford a big item like car or house. What I am proverb is - instead of desperately searching for the exact jean tom Cruise wore to his latest movie premier and paying bank for it off the rack - be a little daring and create your own style based on what you may afford.

Defining your own style takes instant and it evolves. Read fashion magazines, watch movies and see what you like. But instead of mimicking what you see, adapt it. Learn to trust your instinct. Learn what looks grand on your body structure (very important). Every time you see a young gentleman wearing fashion jeans that obviously shouldn't be, take it as a reminder that not every fashion trend is for everyone.

Fashion isn't about conforming - its about creating.

Man Fashion: Fashion in Holiday Dos and Dont's

Why is it that whenever you go to a holiday party, you can always find someone who doesn't look how you would expect? Is it because you think they over did their fashion, or is it a touch of envy?

Beauty queen or fashion disaster, its up to you. If you want to shine for this holidays, take note of these dos and don'ts to spruce up your look and receive raves from your friends and family.

Fashion Dos

Do Experiment.

Check out the latest in fashion trends and give them a try. This will update your look and chances are, you will find something that enhances your skin tone and flatters your figure.

Do accentuate your finer features.

Play up your best features while drawing attention away from your problem areas. For example, do you think you have good body build up? wear some tight shirt to show off your body shape.

Do consult professionals.

If you're the do-it-yourself kind of guy, you can benefit from professional opinions now & then. Why not get a makeover for the holidays? Keep in mind, salons are booked tightly for the holiday season, so call well in advance for your appointment and make use of your time in the waiting room looking through magazines for updated hairstyles and fashion that best suit you.

Do simplify your beauty routine.

Unless you're headed out to a holiday party, forgo unnecessary extras that take up valuable measure . Keep your hairstyle simple and build-up to natural colors that will look smart with anything you wear.

Fashion Don'ts

Dont be afraid of change.

Dazzle your friends with a new look. Whether its a new hairstyle, hair color, or just a dress, you will get attention! Think of it this way, models look different for every shoot and are very versatile. Don't they always look efficient?

Don't wear too much accessories

There's a fine line between a little more and excessive. Depend on what kind of occasion you are going to attention, too much accessories such as earrings, rings, messenger bag, bangle etc might consider over do like Christmas trees.

So do remember these few dos and don'ts, which will help you to shine in your own style in this holiday session.

2008 New Year eCard

As Christmas and New Year is just at the corner, if you have not send out any greeting cards by now, why not consider sending Christmas or New Year e-cards to your friends, relatives and love one instead and play your role as environmentalist.

Here are the two e-cards with style from

Merry Christmas

New Year

2008 Men Hairstyle

If you are looking for 2008 hairstyle trends, here are some hairstyles that made populated by prominent artists for your reference.

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Man Fashion: Skirt for Men

A kilt is a traditional garment of modern Scottish and Celtic culture typically worn by men. Kilts exist in various modern forms, and in forms inspired by the historical garment, including:
  1. The modern form of the traditional Scottish garment;
  2. The historical form of this same Scottish garment (cf. History of the kilt);
  3. Various other national forms of the kilt, such as the Northumbrian kilt, Irish kilt, Welsh kilt, Cornish kilt, and the Contemporary kilt;
  4. Certain types of school uniform skirts for girls
At modern-day Highland games gatherings in Scotland and elsewhere, the modern version of the traditional Scottish kilt is much in evidence. Historical forms of the Scottish kilt have differed in several particulars (some quite substantial) from the modern-day version. With reference to the Scottish kilt, the organizations that sanction and grade the competitions in Highland dancing and bagpiping all have rules governing acceptable attire for the competitors. These rules specify that kilts are to be worn (except that in the national dances, the female competitors will be wearing the Aboyne dress).
With a simple search, you can easy find a number of websites related to this. I am personally find the following websites more relevant.

Men 10 essentials in the closet

With busy work schedule and less rest time, most men find less and less time for shopping. Have you even think of buying some new digs but don't have time for all these? Instead of spending time to shop for normal shirts and pants that you can wear every day, why not get a few key pieces that can take you from day to night and weekday to weekend.

So here are 10 fashion clothing and accessory essentials that you should able to find in your closet.
  1. Khaki Pants: A good pair of dress pants that can be worn to work is essential to every man’s closet. Choose a pair of well tailored khaki’s that you can wear to work, church, out for the evening, or to a casual luncheon. These pants can quite possibly take you from your morning coffee to your after work martini all year round.
  2. Blue Jeans: Invest in a quality pair of dark blue jeans that fits well. Since many work places have adopted casual Friday policies, a pair of nice dark blue jeans is a great addition to your wardrobe. Pair you jeans with a sweater, a stylish button down shirt, or even a polo shirt. A pair of dark jeans is also a great addition to your weekend wear, especially for casual dates.
  3. Sweater: A solid, neutral color sweater is a must for any man trying to complete his closet. Look for something with either a V neck or a traditional collar. A simple wool sweater can be worn alone; with a pair of corduroys on the weekend; or with button down shirt underneath for situations where you need a little more class. If affordable, get a upper class one so it can be worn in different occasions.

  4. White Button-down Shirt: Everything on this list will look great with a white button down shirt. A white button down shirt is something you really need to have. Choose one that is well tailored. Wear it underneath your sweater, by its self, or with your suit and tie. If you’re wearing it for a special occasion, class it up with a pair of cufflinks.
  5. Coat: A flexible yet classy coat it imperative to your wardrobe from fall to spring. A trench coat is an excellent choice for several reasons. For starters, this coat can be worn to work, formal occasions, or just to run to the coffee shop. The climate versatility of the trench coat is another great reason to add it to your closet. Many trench coats are water proof to a certain extent making it perfect for rain or snow. They are also light and therefore can be worn in the spring with just a t-shirt, or during the chillier months with a sweater underneath. When choosing a color, try to find something in a neutral color like black or brown.
  6. Black or dark color Suit: Life is full of surprises, and often time you are forced to dress for a certain occasion or event with little notice. Whether you have the excitement of a job interview or the sorrow of a funeral, you often don’t have time to run to the store and buy something to wear. Having well tailored black suit will ensure that you’re always prepared for situation that require you to be well dressed on little or no notice
  7. Ties: solid, neutral colored ties are a great thing to keep on hand for spur of the moment business meetings, classy nights out on the town, or simply to wear every day to work. While colorful patterned ties are great fashion accessories, a simple tie is more useful for everyday occasions.
  8. Dress Shoes: While you wear semi casual shoes to work, you should make sure you have a pair of dress shoes on hand at all times. I would suggest purchasing pair in black to make sure they match with your suit, jeans, and khakis. Find a quality pair that is comfortable and simple so you can wear them for any dressy occasion.
  9. Designer Watch: This may not be gold or diamond number, but a designer watch will automatically upgrade your look.
  10. Cufflinks: One of the most important accessory to ensure that you are always prepared for business meeting, or classy occasions.