Man Fashion: LV Fall 2009 Collection

Louis Vuitton debuted it’s Fall 2009 Men’s Collection during Paris Fashion Week.

Like what Tim Blanks of said, the personality of Vuitton's menswear has taken shape somewhere between traditional luxury and a technological take on same.

Here are the some extract of LV Fall/Winter 2009 Collection from Paris Fashion Week.

LV's Black Collection

LV's Red Collection

LV's Blue Collection

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Man Fashion: Creative Men Cufflinks

Historically dating back to the seventeenth century, Men Cufflinks is a decorative fastener used to hold together the cuff on the sleeve of a tuxedo shirt, dress shirt. Men Cufflinks acts as a fastener to replace the role of a button.

The design of Men Cufflinks varies but the basic principle of a cylindrical post with a decorative end visible to the public still remains. Let find out varies designs for men cufflinks, ranging from sterling silver, gold, silk, Enemal and many more.

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Man Fashion: Valentine Gifts for Her

While Valentine Day is just at the corner, if you are the guy that wonder what to buy for your lovely one, then you probably are spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere.

Some if not all of us typically find choosing Valentine's gifts for her a challenge. In order to make your girlfriends happy on this special day, there is the fear that the gifts chosen may be inappropriate. Depend on the relationship, this Valentine gifts may seem too romantic or not romantic enough too.

So let me share my top 5 pick of valentine's gifts for her in this special occasion.

Valentine Godiva Chocolates
This box from Godiva contains a variety of chocolaty treats. And whether your tastes are fruity or nutty, the box itself is a treat for the eyes, finished in matte gold and with a gold bow on top.

Valentine Heart Shaped Pendant
An extremely sweet yet extremely wearable heart-shaped pendant available in sterling silver or gold, featuring foreign translations of the word “love” engraved around its borders.

Valentine SPA Gift Baskets

To pamper your loved one, why don't you consider send your girlfriend a spa gift baskets. A basket full of therapeutic bath treatments to ease their, a hair and body spa treatment basket or relaxation treatments. It would surely make them happy, don't you think?

Valentine Flowers
The celebrations of Valentine Day is consider incomplete without flowers. Girls, do you agree with me? Valentine flowers are not restricted to one particular kind. You may present roses, lilies, carnations and much more on Valentine's Day. Roses are however the most preferred choice. They are sturdy, exquisite and a whole bunch of them make excellent gifts. You can find out more are the meaning of the flower from my previous Valentine Gifts for Ladies.

Valentine Sexy Lingerie

Lastly, if you and your girlfriend relationship have moved one step further, then lingerie is among the sexy valentine gifts for her. Sweet or sexy? Take your pick with looks to fit both personas from recession-proof lingerie line Affinitas Intimates. Retail prices range from just $8 - $45! Find out more at

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Man Fashion: Skinny Tie II

What will be better than to dress up in your casual dress shirt and throw a comfortable vest over it and accesorized with comfortable pair of Levi's jeans and skinny tie.

That's a look and a trend that is making rounds in NYC.

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Men Fragrance: CK One for Valentine

CK One. New release from Calvin Klein, is the citrus fragrance you shared with your girlfriend back in high school, in a collector's bottle. While the scent may be a throwback, but the packaging is strictly modern.

A fresh original & light interpretation fragrance Explores essences of orange lemon and jasmine Blended with notes of rose sandalwood and patchouli Creates a luminous healthy & sportive image Suitable for casual use.

The phrase WE ARE ONE is etched on the glass in multiple languages, and there's a removable MP3-player speaker in the base. Source: DETAILS magazine

Man Fashion: Men Unbutton Fashion

Unbutton fashion will be the trend in this coming Spring/Summer. But guys, how low can you really go? Let see some fashion designs from leading men fashion designers as well as male celebrities.

Source: DETAILS magazine

Man Fashion: Free Gift for Valentine Day

What is this all about? Yes! Valentine's Day $1000 Shopping Spree Sweepstakes. BCBGMAXAZRIA is running a $1000 Valentine’s Day Shopping Spree. But it’s made for men to win-- to give your girlfriends/wives as a $1000 Valentine's Day Shopping Spree.

Find out more from bcbgmaxazria official website.

Man Fashion: Tennis Clothing for Men

I have posted the Golf Clothing for men in early of the week, now I am sharing some clothing tips with readers who addicted to tennis.

Basically the style found in tennis clothes is not just based on being fashionable. A lot of the design of the modern tennis clothes is based on allowing the tennis players to move in a fluid, free motion. In fact, modern tennis clothes are designed to allow athletes to feel unencumbered as they jump, twist, cut, and swing simultaneously in various combination. This is why modern tennis clothes fit well, yet loosely. They are lightweight and don't hold moisture. This also helps keep the tennis players dry and cool.

There was a time when selecting tennis clothes was quite a simple endeavor; the tradition of wearing tennis whites made the selection process quite streamlined. However, as anyone who follows tennis knows, the days of watching Martina Navratilova or Jimmy Connors take the court wearing all white are long gone, and today's game is one that embraces fashion forward styles and functional fabrics.

Today's best players, like Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova, are often seen in apparel that spans the spectrum of color and fashion; not surprisingly, the rest of the tennis world has followed suit.

As I mentioned above, those performance fabrics – like polyester, nylon, and spandex - breathe unlike traditional textiles allowing you to stay cool and dry even during the height of summer. Further, these high tech fabrics hold their shape and color much better than their cotton counterparts, allowing you to look good before, during, and after your match, and their high durability will allow you to continue to look good in the future.

While there is nothing wrong with wearing traditional whites to the court, proper tennis attire now includes bright colors and prints which continue to gain popularity at all levels of the game. Style and form are important considerations when selecting tennis apparel, but one should be careful not to ignore function as well as the traditions of the game.

Tennis Warm-Up Outfit
All tennis players should own a proper warm-up outfit, which is typically a two piece suit consisting of long pants and a long sleeved top. A warm-up outfit helps the athlete stay warm and get loose before a match, and it is also the traditionally preferred attire for arrival at the court. Tradition also holds that warm-up suits should be removed during the actual match unless it happens to be a very cold day.

During a match, men should wear tucked shirts and tennis shorts, although more and more the untucked look is becoming a presence in professional and amateur tennis. Women should wear short sleeved or sleeveless shirts paired with skirts or skorts – shorts that have styling that resembles a traditional skirt.

It is important to note that the traditional tennis attire is still alive and well in some places, particularly at some tennis and country clubs. If you are invited to play as a guest at a club, check with the club or your host in order to be certain that your tennis clothes are appropriate and fitting with their dress code.

Tennis Shoes - Sneakers
No tennis outfit is complete without the ever important accessories. Tennis shoes should be sneaker style, and it is probably best to purchase sneakers that are specifically designed for tennis. Not only will true tennis shoes perform better, they will not have black or dark colored soles which are banned at many courts due to their tendency to leave dark scuffs on the playing surface. Make sure you complement your tennis outfit with fashionable socks as well as things like headbands, hats, or wristbands; all of which will help keep your face and hands dry and ready for action.

Until then, enjoy your game while maintain the style.

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Man Fashion: Calvin Klein Spring 2009 Jeans Campaign

Who doesn't like a great pair of denim, and what is better than someone pulling them off? Well, keep your pants on because Calvin Klein is playing out all of these fantasies with the new Spring 2009 Calvin Klein Jeans campaign. The racy advertisement will be featured in the March issues of your favorite fashion magazines. What's more? there is a commercial, shot by Steven Meisel has been banned in America. The campaign stars male and female models — including Anna Jagodzinska, Anna Selezneva, Natasha Poly, Edita Vilkeviciute, Carson Parker, Danny Schwarz, Vladimir Ivanov and new face Mikus Lasmanis — who aren’t wearing much more than their Calvins . You can find out Calvin Klein Spring-Summer 2009 Jeans ad campaign here.

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Milan Fashion Week: Raf Simons Fall 2009

As I promised in my earlier post, here is another top selection from Milan Fashion Week, Raf Simons.

Simons brilliantly played off the notion by manipulating unlikely face-offs between the conventional and the not-so: a camel coat had gray flannel lapels, a gray flannel jacket had camel sleeves. A knit shrug was laid over a suit. The remnants of a techno-fabric jacket made another.

But the sharpest juxtapositions were neoprene like shrugs in hot pink or bright blue hauled over flannel or pinstripes to create the impression of an alien other.

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