Man Fashion: Top 5 Swim Trunks for This Summer

As far as men’s swimwear goes, swim trunks are the most basic sort of swimwear. This does not mean that swim trunks are not great men’s swimwear and in fact, I do see swim trunks are back to trends. This is because men of any age can wear swim trunks, from young boys to old men. Most important, I like swim trunks more than "speedo" because they usually have a lining so that they are very comfortable, less revealing and they are not too terribly long either, so you can still tan your legs.

So if you are thinking of getting yourself a new swimwear, let see what I got to offer here.

1. Black and White
The most important rule of summer fashion: don't get complicated.
And the simplest way to swim is in black and white — checkers, stripes, polka dots, solids, whatever. None of it will get old — one pair should last you five summers.

2. Bay Watch Red
Always in style, a shock of red is the ultimate beach color and suits any skin tone. Plus, you'll look like you know what you're doing. Just don't pair it with a lifeguard buoy — that would be overboard.

3. Retro Neon
Add a little bit (or a lot) to your swimsuit for an unexpectedly sporty twist on one of the year's hottest fashion trends. Sundek and Quiksilver both make variations that have become iconic surfer-scene staples.

4. Walk the Bar
After showering off, throw on sandals and a clean polo on top of these. They're close enough to shorts that you can roll up to the beach club without worrying about judgmental stares.

5. Aquatic-Themed
There are limits to where, when, and how a man can wear animal print.
Remember to limit to marine creatures rather than land dwellers.

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Man Fashion: Men design + Women design = Cross Dress?

What is cross dress all about? Definition from wikipedia defines Cross-dressing as the act of wearing clothing commonly associated with the other gender within a particular society. So over the past decade, men fashion world has mixed some of the female fashion, from simple shirts, pants jackets till bags into the design. Since then, the list never stop again and now there are more than dozen of top fashion designers are incorporate this into men fashion designs. Let summary some of the main cross-dress designs this season from top designers.

1. Creative Creative designs from top fashion designer houses like Marni, Prada and Raf Simon.

Marni Spring Collection

Prada Spring Collection

2. Pink and Red Pink is always the color for lady, but not anymore now. Men are moving out there with the pink color Tee and jacket.

Some of the pink color designs from LV and Junya Watanabe, Jil Sander. 3. "Lady-Like" material Designers are now picking more lady like material such as Gauze, tulle for men clothing. Others such as skinny jeans, leggings and shawls are always the top picks for fashion designers. Soon, we will see more and more of cross-dressing. So guys, get ready for all these or you will be out of fashion.

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Man Fashion: Burberry AW09 Prorsum Pre-Collection

“The season is about reinvention - redefining and re-modernising the core of what Burberry stands for with our authentic British spirit and point of view.”

Fashion Show + Wheelchair Rugby Team?

Rugby and the fashion runway might not seem like a natural mix. But, they will be on Aug. 1, when dozens of models will hit the catwalk to support Colorado's wheelchair rugby team, the Denver Harlequins.

The event is titled "Enthuse '09" and takes place Aug. 1 at the SugarCube building in downtown Denver. It is located at 1555 Blake Street. Doors open at 6 p.m. with the fashion show scheduled to start at 10 p.m.

Park is asking for a $25 donation, which can be made online at All the proceeds go to the Denver Harlequins and the Korean Heritage Camp.

For more information about the Denver Harlequins, go to

To learn more about the Korean Heritage camp, go to

Fashion News: Crocs Could be Their Last Legs

Crocs were born of the economic boom. The colorful foam clogs appeared in 2002, just as the country was recovering from a recession. Brash and bright, they were a cheap investment (about $30) that felt good and promised to last forever. Former president George W. Bush wore them. Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler wore them. Your grandma wore them. They roared along with the economy, mocked by the fashion world but selling 100 million pairs in seven years.

Then the boom times went bust, and Crocs went to the back of the closet. Last year the company lost $185.1 million, slashed roughly 2,000 jobs and scrambled to find money to pay down millions in debt. Now it's stuck with a surplus of shoes, and its auditors have wondered if it can stay afloat. It has until the end of September to pay off its debt.

Souce: Washingtonpost

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Sneakers of the Week: ALIFE

From sneaker heads to celebrities, men love ALIFE for kicks that range from pop color trainer to tumbled leather chukka boots. Bold and fun, these kicks are all about eye-catching color and fresh design.

Over years, Alife has transformed themselves from being a premier apparel brand into a full fledged clothing and sneaker line. The sneakers feature basic silhouettes, taking quality into mind and focusing on differentiating their shoes through use of materials and colors.

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Man Fragrance of the Month: Kenzo Power

Kenzo Power brings an abstract floral fragrance to the world of men’s cologne. Like most summer time fragrances, it has an engaging, almost paradoxical, ethereal strength lacking in other summertime colognes: The vanilla-cedar notes provide a cool, breezy bouquet that’s floral yet spicy.

During warmer months, that’s a powerful attribute of well-adjusted and truly updated style. It works well on those occasions, say a mid-summer’s night, when you’re hoping your fragrance will assist your game, not overpower it.

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Contest: Hoodie Design

To my lovely readers, WWD would like to invite all of you and aspiring streetwear designers to submit a sketch for a Southpole Hoodie and win a chance to have it featured in the next collection and a full page ad in WWD.

There's just two weeks left to submit your best guys or girls hoodie design along with a 1-page essay detailing specs, design elements and fabrication.

by Ed Hardy and Ferrari GTB Fiorano

The Christian Audigier style has grown so pervasive with the Ashton Kutcher set that it's long since leapt off of t-shirts and is attaching itself to automobile now.

Here is Audigier latest automotive design portfolio has emerged in the form of a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano. Making Lapo Elkann's ride seem reserved by comparisson, this unique Ferrari is decked out in more tattoo art than a biker rally, and goes to show that if you have the money, Audigier will be glad to "improve" your car for you.

Celebrity Fashion: Gabriel Aubry

Gabriel Aubry, if you are familiar with Halle Berry, then Gabriel should not be stranger to you.

Being Halle Berry's longtime boyfriend, and father to her daughter, Gabriel Aubry with green eyes and dirty blonde hair, he has modeled for Tommy Hilfiger, Versace, Calvin Klein and Next, hit the runway at the Louis Vuitton show in Paris last week.

According to the news, Gabriel enjoys pay rate of $30,000 a day with his profession. Anyone can confirm? and now I wonder why so many people are keen to be in modeling industry! :) Is a good industry to be in.......

Man Fashion: Raf Simon 2010 Collection

Is Raf Simon's shows again. Simon, one of my favorite designer has released his latest Spring 2010 Collection in the mid of gorgeous garden in Paris.

According to Simons, this season is based the idea of "The Second Decade", where he no longer wants to dress teenage boys and is starting to target the "high-fashion men". The sense of maturity permeates the runway in sombre, jet black suits with crisp white button downs in the beginning.

The presentation then progresses into something slightly transgressive with long open coats with arms fashioned from bronze satin and the rest from a darker, heavier knit. Sleeves are removed from the blazers to create an elongated dress vest that is layered over color block knit tops, and translucent snake print tops crawl up the models' bodies like tattoos. Snakes seem to be a recurring motif in this season’s collection as it fashioned itself metaphorically as belts, and more literally in the form of what seems like a logo on jeans.

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David and Victoria Beckham in New Armani Ads

The world's sexiest couple has stripped down to their underwear after agreed with the ads company.

Victoria Beckham and her hot hubby David Beckham have unveiled their ads for Emporio Armani’s Autumn/Winter 2009-10 underwear campaign.

The ads will appear not only in fashion magazines, but also on major billboards in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, London, Milan, Rome, Paris and Tokyo starting this month, reports Showbiz Spy.

The campaign was shot in Milan by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot. Aside from the Beckham's, who else would you love to see strip down for Armani Underwear?

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Jackson Memorial Opened Up

The odds of nabbing a ticket to Michael Jackson's memorial are now slimmer!

The lottery was originally only open to residents of the States, but the drawing to win two tickets to the memorial at LA's Staples Center on Tuesday is now open to the entire world.
Michael Jackson
According to the new rules, "additional legal terms have been incorporated into the conditions of entry to allow non-U.S. residents the opportunity to register for the random ticket drawing."

Good luck, pals!

You've got until 6:00 pm PT!

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Man Fashion: Phantaci + Whiz??

The mesh cap and geometric themed graphic print tee you see Jay Chou (co-owner of Phantaci/R&B music savant) don are upcoming collaboration releases between Taiwan’s very own urban label/select shop, Phantaci, and Japanese label, Whiz.

Man Fashion
Whiz founded by Hiroaki Shitano, start out by producing handmade t-shirts for close friends and family, and eventually developed into a label with the idea of "individual clothing" in mind even as it went mainstream. This collaboration celebrates Whiz’s entry into the Taiwanese market for a year, and the development process for these items had been going on for six months.


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