Man Fashion : Totes that You Don't Want to Miss

Had my weekend shopping last week and noticed that more and more mens out there love to carry tote bags. All these can be explainable ans nowadays tote bags are no longer women's fashion, to men, their practicality and fashionable style too. Usually, tote bags are designed to be in large size, which can enable people to carry more things that you may happen to buy at the supermarkets apart from basic personal necessities. We are sure you will find totes are top choices to create trendy and fashionable styles in your daily life.

In the following selection, we have recommend these 4 totes that worth to consider.

Hermes Arion Hold

All illustrates the French luxury house's strength in understatement. Sturdy leather webbing crafted from Hermes's signature Evercalf tobacco brown calfskin wrap around a navy canvas body, while discreet H shaped hardware hints at the brand's heritage.

This new Hermes handbag is a must have designer luggage for those who could afford it. It is not only appealing in outlook but also very functional for those on the road. The bag has a large size of 19.7" x 8.3" x 11.8". It has five inside pockets and one zip pocket. It features adjustable handles to be carried by hand or on the shoulder. Especially created for men, the bag is simple in design and understated in color.

Bally Macomer J

Weekender bag sport refined leather trims, Bally iconic red woven stripes and embroidered crests for dashing old-world mien.

Tod's Competition Shopping Tote

This is a modern and sporty winner. Function-driven, this water resistant bag comes with a leather bound hook and a stud fastener which replaces common zippers.

Tumi Townhouse Wilton Messenger Bag

This is ruggedly handsome, featuring a canvas body in smoky quartz, it is spacious enough for your daily knick knacks and gym gear while textured leather flap and straps underscore its machismo, perfect for tight schedule city boy like you.

Think again? Carry one of these designer tote bags surely will not have any difficulty in pairing with any of your outfits. 

Man Fashion - Are these Your Favorite Fashion Designers in London Fashion Week?

Basically fashion trends are always dictated by a band of selected few. Similarly, there are certain locations that are leaders in fashion trends all over the world, namely, New York, Paris, Milan and of course; London. London fashion week sees excellent designs by classic designers, contemporary designers and hybrid of both as well.

5 Selected Fashion Designers in London

Some of the fashion designers are trend setters and they not only rank as the top fashion designers in London but also around the world. Any dedicated fashion monger needs to know a bit about them. In fact, almost every fashion lover would be wearing something designed by them in one way or the others.

Outerwear Fashion Designer in London

When it comes to outerwear fashion designing there can be few that can compare with Burberry Prorsum. Bestseller from it is the classic Burberry trench. One of the unique features of the fashion design is that in the recent fashion week cat walk a rougher edge has been added to the fashion theme of the brand. Fashion additions that display the rougher edge are biker jackets, leather leggings, leopard print dresses, and studded jackets.

London Designer that Cares for Details

Fashion lovers like you and us that are concerned with details should always look forward to fashion designs by Scottish fashion designer Christopher Kane. Known for beautiful embellishment as key theme, the designer has a great knack of excellent details. Featuring elegant shapes as well as refined silhouettes that burst out into various vivid colors including pink, neon green and vivid pink among others, Kane leaves little to any guess work.

Exotic Prints and Lavish Patterns

If you are looking for lavish patterns with exotic prints won’t find a London designer better than Jonathan Saunders. Since his debut in London fashion week back in the year 2003, he has earned name and fame for beautiful prints as well as patterns especially on silk fabrics. Many celebrities prefer the designs that are plain, simple, and elegant looking.

Sharp Shirting with Excellent Tailoring

If it comes to London designer offering sharp shirting with excellent tailoring, name of the London designer that crops up is Richard Nicoll.

Made with tough fabrics the highly designer apparels with some elegant modifications like black PVC interspersed with soft color ways as well as floating skirts, these designs create a completely different fashion statement.

New Age London Designer

Contemporary and modern designs by Henry Holland are trend setters on their own.

Many creations of Holland have been responsible for diverting the current trend in fashion designs not only in London but across the globe.

These are not all. Numerous classy and trendy London designers are there and each of them can offer something that can start a new trend in the fashion market, but these are the few that suit our fashion theme. How about you?

Mens Fashion: 5 Grooming Sins

When it comes to looking great and grooming issues, somehow men were left out of the loop. This is unfortunate, because in this day and age, men want to know! They want to know how to have great looking skin, get the best shave, how to trim unwanted body hair, how to walk so they're more attractive, and on and on and on.

Sure you can go to a spa or salon, but there's so much you can do from home that makes a huge difference. So today we would like to share these 5 important grooming sins that you should avoid.

Shoddy Shaving Habits

Many men don't get perfect shaves. Some do it with worn out razors. Others shave in a hurry, with a million things on their minds.

Take a step back and give yourself some breathing space before sculpting your facial "lawn"

Too Much Cologne

Some of us like the feel of cologne, but never over do it.

Remember: Your cologne should not arrive before you do. Keep it subtle.

Lack of Moisturizing

Most men no longer hold the primitive view that moisturizing is "women's stuff" and yet not many men have this practice in their daily life.

Hydrating your skin regularly to keep it soft, supple and slows down the appearance of fine lines.

Unruly Body Hair

Body hair is fine as long as you keep it presentable. But excessive fuzz can be a real turn off to your lady friends.

Whether it's manscaping down there or removing hair sprouting from your ears, all it takes is a pair of clippers or scissors. You can also consider waxing as well.

Excessive Hair Gel

We all need a little help when it comes to our hair but too much goop in it makes you look greasy. Exercise restraint unless you want to attract full attention from public.

The main thing to remember when doing all you can to look your best, is that it's perfectly natural and normal to look your best, but we always believe you attractive is still your personality.

Men Fashion Shoes: Jimmy Choo Autumn Winter Collection

Fusing modern British style with luxurious Italian craftsmanship, Jimmy Choo's Autumn Winter 2011 Men's footwear collection has a mod aesthetic with a hint of a 1960s Mayfair playboy. The understated tones of black and brown are highlighted with rich colors and texture: cognac, oxblood and hints of ochre, turquoise and port.

The collection also features a Bond-inspired velvet jacquard of paisley, featuring hidden burlesque silhouettes. Hand burnished calf, classic spazzolato, rugged suede, glossy patent and printed hair calf are crafted with minimal framed, butted and scored seam detailing and luggage stitching. By the way, all hardware is hand cast in English pewter.

Up and Coming Men’s Fashion Trends for 2012

We know this is too early, but the catwalks are already seeing 2012 lines spilling over on to them and there is no better time than now to get your head around what will be big in style next year. Once the summer is over, you should start to remodel your wardrobe, ready for the winter and ready for the New Year ahead.

Here are our favourite and most wearable trends that you can expect to see in 2012.

Colours – the colours you will be seeing next year will without a doubt be bright, think turquoise, orange and pink. Just a sprinkle of these colours or a whole outfit will work equally well; don’t be afraid to dabble with colour, the brighter the better.

Tropical colours such as these will be popular all year round even in the colder months, even the Hawaiian shirt is making a comeback and has been spotted in three major runway shows so far.

Gingham is also making an unexpected appearance in catwalk shows and anything that wouldn’t look out of place at a summer picnic should be snapped up and added to any trendsetters wardrobe. Linen and cotton fabrics should be embraced in forms of jackets, trousers and shirts.

For the more extravagant male fashionistas there are a few trends that should only be attempted if you’re very brave such as crop tops with jeans, lace and sheer fabrics and meggings, yes that’s right man leggings, a brilliant name if ever we heard one. These are all things we would normally associate with female fashion but as men become more fashion conscious it seems they are taking more noted from the girls books and stealing our style favourites.

Crop tops and meggings might seem a bit odd right now but after six months of them on the catwalks we are sure these things will be as common as the quilted jacket by 2012.

Man Fashion: Men’s hoody trends for 2011

Men's hoody is one trend that never seems to go out of fashion; it may evolve slightly over the seasons but still always appears as a staple item in almost every guy’s wardrobe.

Men’s hoodies are the perfect piece for layering over other items when it starts to get a little colder, especially when they offer both comfort and style.

There are an assortment of styles of hoody available, many come in a variety of colours, some come with zips and others come with pockets.

Men’s hoodies really took off in the 70’s, which was when the hip-hop culture first appeared on the scene. High-end designers embraced the hoody and glamourised the garment in order to attract a wider audience. The hoody is no longer something that is simply worn to the gym or pulled over a tee when the weather gets a little colder; it’s now an item that can be worn on a night out or to a lunch date.

In fact the hoodies on the fashion scene today appear as popular as other must-have wardrobe staples such as jeans and tees. With so many styles available there is a hoody to suit all personalities and all occasions.

Many of the hoodies available on the market today also come in an assortment of different fabrics; the lighter fabrics are generally worn in the evening in order to create a look that is a little dressier, whilst the heavier styles are more suited to colder days or for activities such as winter sports.

The online fashion site Joe Browns has a variety of on trend cool hoodies with styles ranging from the surfer-esque Indy star to softer looks and zip through sweats. Any one of the current styles featured on the site look great teamed with either high fashion skinny jeans or casual trousers.

Mens Fashion: What are the Top 6 Chic Colors in 2011?

In current society, it’s not surprising to see men applying great effort to look their best while going out. One looks fabulous by wearing comfortable and flattering dresses. Blog and forums give fashion tips on new clothing brands. In the field of fashion sector there are countless improvements in this 2011. There is more practical approach from the designers towards design collections and fashion attires.


One of the common color, versatility is the greatest strength of black as a color, so says books on fashion. Wearing black and standing out in it tends to be more of a style. We believe black is still one of the top five chic colors in men’s fashion in 2011. A well- fitted black designer dress looks sharp and elegant with any combination of red, white or even sky blue and bright orange colors.

Pink Color

Menswear has been steeped in neutral colors for a few seasons now, but after a fall and winter dominated by grey, spring 2011 is looking very colorful! And designer fashion hasn’t held back – not even on pink. Below, salmon pink is seen on the runways of Dsquared², Duckie Brown, and Tommy Hilfiger.


White color is still dreaded by many guys but yet signature items. This color was popular in 2010 and we believe the trend will continue in 2011. This is the color that goes well with anything from pastels or bright colors, such as red, blue, dark green as well as brown, which keeps you cool and fresh, but masks the tough and rough character. If you are not sure what color to wear, white is always the first choice, and you will never go wrong.

Cherry Red

This color is so unique which gives a monochromatic look. This looks excellent with white, lightblue, and grey color. Gives a sophisticated look. It is the perfect color for the fashion conscious men. The color reflects the light for a more elegant and more sophisticated look. If you are looking for something more adaptable to different occasion, this is the best choice for you.

Dark Gray.

Vibrant color, best with more muted shades. This color is for both spring and summer. If you want change from all the bright spring time hues, dark gray is a popular spring time shade. It adds sophisticated vibes. It is complementary to both day and evening occasions.

Bright Orange

This is a huge color trend this season. This citrus-hue is sure to make a bright and bold impact. It keeps up with color trend it works as a great base for many different looks. it complements a variety of colors.